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    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    I received my new 997S in October (08my) and the phone is much better than my 05my car. Also seems a bit more lively and generally better screwed together (less rattles!)

    I don't know what they changed but the sound is clearer and there's less feedback. The only other relevant difference is Pirelli v Michelin (less road noise perhaps.)

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Phones in early 997's were supplied by Motorola. Porsche changed the supplier in '06 (not sure who to?).

    Obviously your '08 has the new one and all cars from '06 onwards can be up-graded via the software update CD.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Thanks for the info! That explains it.

    Well back to Blighty for Chrimbo. Better watch my right foot. Regards John H from another John H in The Fatherland.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Just picked up a 08 C4S and the phone system works perfectly. Better than I would have expected.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Is it true that the PCM phone upgrade is only for Germany or the EU?

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    This is my first post on Rennteam as I've popped in and out over a period of time. However I've taken the plunge and just bought myself a 997 C2S 05 build. The site has provided me with really usefull if not essential information pre and post purchase so I must thank everyone for their daily input it has been invaluable to say the least.

    One of the issues I found frustrating was the PCM phone module which was proving worse than useless. Although I could hear the caller they could not hear me well enough to have a simple conversation whether at 20 mph or 70 mph. Having reviewed the posts on this thread I went to my local dealer, Porsche Hatfield (UK) who uploaded a software fix which took 30mins. No booking I just went straight down there. Whilst there they also fixed a fuse issue effecting the engine cooling fan which was part of a manufacturer recall - essentially the fan was on all the time. The whole process was hassle free and more importantly the phone now works perfectly. I have called people who complained previously and they could not believe the difference. I was advised to make my first call for as long as possible (up to 20 mins) to allow the microphone to readjust but on the whole I am delighted with the results.

    I have heard it mentioned that the software update would be less effective on an 05 build car. My car was registered in June 05 and as I said the results have been 100%.

    Thanks to everyone for the previous feedback. Now I own the car I hope to be able to provide similar input and help to others over time.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Welcome to Rennteam It took you over 3 years before your first post? That must be some kind of record!

    Glad your phone issue has been resolved

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    GOOD POINT! I joined when I bought my first Porsche which was a brief encounter 3 years ago with a Cayenne S which I ended up getting my money back on due to a long list of problems

    Then I spent 3 years with a BMW 645Ci which I was very happy with but now I'm back with a 997 and wished I'd done it years ago! Its amazing how happy a car can make you however I have been married for 7 years so I'm easily pleased these days!

    Anyway thanks for the welcome.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Hi Titan - welcome to Rennteam proper.

    It may have been my post that you referred to, so just to clarify.... I was told by my OPC that my car (MY05 but Oct'04 build) wouldn't take the software update. Your car (June'05 build) could well be classed as MY06?

    I'll certainly double check with another OPC.... glad your phone benefitted from the info.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality


    Thanks for the welcome and for your original post. I'm certainly not as experienced as some of the online experts however although my car was sold as new in June 2005 it's chassis number designates it as a MY05 car. My OPC mentioned that they had used the software on 25 or more cars and had no doubts that it would cure the problem. If it is of any help, Porsche GB insited it would cure the problem and were not aware of any MY05 issues that would prevent it from working. They had no further comment to make as they had not had any cases of the update not working. Slightly optimistic but correct in my case.

    Good luck

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    Yup, I went to OPC East London today and they did the PCM telephone module software update for me free of charge. The improvement in voice quality for the person at the other end of the call is simply enormous. BTW I have a MY2007 car. I understand that the software update addresses the ambient noise cancelling function of the PCM telephone module.

    Before getting the software update, I never had difficulty hearing the person I was speaking with (when I was in the car) but the other person could hardly hear me. The other person would say that my voice sounded 'garbled' with levels of ambient noise that would drown out my voice. After the software update, I was asked to speak for at least 20 minutes on the first call to allow the system to recalibrate. I was speaking to my wife on the drive home from the dealer today (and I went for a nice fast run too) and she said that the sound was noticeably improving within the first 5 minutes. I kept on talking for a total of 20 minutes and by the end of the call, I could literally speak quietly (no more than a whisper) and my wife could hear me as if I were holding a mobile phone right by my mouth. And this is despite the fact that the microphone is housed far away from the driver in the steering column.

    I also made sure that I drove the car at high revs so that the recalibration would take into account times when there will be more engine noise.

    All I can say is that, if the PCM telephone module software update is possible for your car (I believe it is only for MY06 and after), I would get it done if I were you. The improvement in the voice quality that the other person will hear from you is drastic. The difference is like night and day.

    While I was there, the dealership also did a 'service campaign' job i.e. the fuse for the engine compartment cooling fan was replaced. The service advisor explained that it was because the cooling fan stages (which determines how long the engine cooling fan stays on for after the engine is switched off) are different for different countries and so for the UK, PAG had decided that a different fuse was preferable.

    I had never actually experienced any fault (i.e. where the cooling fan doesn't switch off or stays on for an excessive period of time) but I'm glad they took care of this little thing at the same time as my brilliant telephone software upgrade

    I was there only for a total of 50 minutes for both pieces of work.

    All in all, I'm very pleased with the results and the service I got from the dealer today. There's been a few changes in staff at OPC East London and there's a noticeable improvement.

    BTW while I was there, I noticed that some of the new cars on display were fitted with Yokohama Advan tyres... obviously some other manufacturers must have got the cherished Porsche 'N' spec approval.

    Re: 997 PCM Phone.. quality

    I'm gutted to report back that my phone is almost as bad as it was before the upgrade. Really bad quality sound for person on the phone call and I have resorted to my bluetooth headset again!

    I'm going to call the dealer again. I can only assume that by only making a 17 minute call at low urban speeds I have not provided sufficient conditions for the system to recalibrate???

    This is such a pain but I'll have another go and see where it gets me. Easy_Rider911 I hooe this is the end of your woes but I'd be interested to hear how you get on. Mine deteriorated the next day i.e. the next time I used it. I'll report back soon.



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