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    Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    I went from an estimated completion date of May 9 to May 30. Not happy about this at all. I was told when I placed my order that it would be an April build. I must have missed it when April and May switched names. My salesman speculated that the delay could be due to some of my options, can anyone weigh in if that is the case? My options are:

    Triple Black 987S
    19' Carrera Classic Wheel
    Full Leather
    Sport Chrono Plus
    RCC in Exterior Color
    Auto Climate Control
    Sport Seats
    Heated Seats
    Wheel Caps colored
    dimming mirror and rain sensor
    Sports Steering Wheel in Leather

    Thanks! Also, if anyone has recently received in the States, how long from your completion date did you receive your car?


    Re: Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    1. never trust a salesman, there are nice and honest ones but sometimes they just want to sell and tell shorter delivery dates.
    2. sometimes, dealers "give away" a car which has been already speced, to another customer who may not be buying a car at all unless he gets it earlier. The result: they spec your options on a later delivery car.
    Let's say the dealer has two cars available for april and may delivery. He takes the april car (yours) and gives it to another customer, he just has to change the options.
    Then the dealer takes the may car and orders your options with it. Of course this happened some time ago. Just an example.

    There are so many possibilities for a delay. Your salesman speculated? Well, maybe this isn't enough.

    Don't worry, be happy. We're waiting for my wife's car (June delivery) and my dealer doesn't have ANY estimated completion date, nothing yet. It should be mid/end of June but maybe its gonna be September. Just kidding...I'd kill my dealer.

    Re: Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    Well, maybe as a bonus I am assured that the PCM unit I get will play MP3s...

    Thanks for the response RC.


    Re: Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    Hi Drew,

    My car was completed on April 12th. It didn't get on the boat until May 10th but should be with me "on or around" the 21st. That's almost 6 weeks from completion. My delay was not at the factory (car was actually completed a couple of weeks earlier than estimated), but it took way too long to get on the boat, no idea why. Still, this time next week.... !!!

    Re: Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    I think the story is that there was some sort of industral action at one of the European ports around the second week in May which messed up the docking/loading schedule for the ships. Delayed mine too. Not sure of all the facts, but that might be something to do with it.

    Re: Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    good luck on the wait.

    I ordered mine end of Dec 04'
    was told of delivery end-Aprl to early May

    My car was delievered mid-April!!!
    Its one of the first ones in Australia....

    Not ALL salesman lie....

    Re: Well, my wait just keeps getting longer...

    Nashville -
    My 987S was completed March 30 and I took delivery in Denver on May 6th. My story was exactly like yours. Was expecting february build with end of march delivery. Got the same speculation that you did. Ended up with late march build and early april delivery. I feel your pain. It SUCKED.

    The MSRP of your car must be pushing $70K...that's alot.



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