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    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Thanks Crash, but everyone is entitled to express their opinion . weather we agree or not. Let's simply extend the courtesy of listening. I always hope to learn something from somebody. It might not be right now, but who knows when. Let's get back to what we all love talking about ......any Porsche.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image


    Thanks for your input. Yes I questioned cjv's car but after I requested and he sent numerous information about his car and I asked around people at Renntech and others he is very truthful in what he speaks. He is very rare in reality though with such a powerful car. I buy numerous high end cars every year and have experience in most. I gave earlier input on Ruf TT's that I have owned and expressed that with the 520hp they would put out they would not touch a GT2 and as such I did not believe his would not either. There is so much torque put on 2 wheels where the 4 wheel and PSM disperses the torque and either you lose the experience or there is true loss in speed. In CJV's case he has truly built a car that is a monster to overcome 4 wheel etc. He is rare in the world of tuning and can back up his words. Like me with previous cars he has spent as much in tuning at high end establishments as most cars cost.

    Thanks for your forum monitoring. You do a great job.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Thanks for your input I gotta admit though, that I didn't think that the RTurbo couldn't beat the GT2. Thanks for the info and props to your knowledge.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Yea....thanks for the enlightenment about GT2s being able to kill Ruf RTurbos. Im glad you were able to set us straight on that. You learn something everyday.


    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    RUF Turbo doesn't beat GT2? Huuh?

    I saw two(!) comparison rides with my own eyes and the RUF Turbo was always faster. Hmmmmm...

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...another image

    Hmmmmm! I guess you are right then. As I have said the sensation you get from the 2 wheel drive is extreme and maybe this is why I felt it was stronger. I have said this over and over. No technical data just the way they drive and my experiences plus I am not a race car driver. It seems that everyone responding is reading too much into my quick written statements. I apologize and will be specific from now on. One statement says that I need to get over it because the GT2 is not the ultimate car. I never said it was! Tell me where that car is and I will go buy it if it is avail. One questions my statement that I say it would not touch the GT2. I never said it would not outperform but what I was trying or should have said was that it has been my most fun experience in cars to date. The great thing for me about it is I have had the chance to own them both, but the bad thing like anyone who ever tunes their cars like I have done several times will never get the value out of it like they put into it at least from my experience and they are a bitch to sell. But as with most of my cars this GT2 will soon be traded or sold for a new experience. But it also seems that no one is getting their value back these days in any Porsche's when selling. Lets hope this trend changes.

    Happy New Years


    Don't get me wrong: I LOVE the GT2, it is a very impressive car. For experienced drivers, there are little cars on this planet to provide such a fun level. A lot of GT2 owners however sold their cars because it was too much of a challenge for them. I'm happy you enjoy it.

    A tuned Turbo is a different thing. You can do the same things to your GT2 but be aware that the missing 4WD will put you in serious trouble if you raise power on your GT2 too much. Staying with the stock power is best or a moderate power upgrade of around 50 HP is acceptable. However I already know somebody who upgraded his GT2 to 543 HP and went back to stock after a few weeks. 4WD and PSM do a great job on the 996 Turbo.

    Re: Please...

    I absolutely agree with you. I have spun out with no control 3 times just making simple turns within the 5 months that I have owned the car. I do not like to do anything radical in this except in straight lines and even then the braking is not what I would expect from the ceramics. Ruf has already started to do things on this car but I am stopping mainly because I do not know how to properly drive it safely. But the sound, torque, firmness etc has been my most favorable experience but it is not reality in day to day driving. And I admit that I miss the safety and forgiveness of the 4 wheel. Once you have gone 4wheel it is hard to ever give it up. My big wait is for the C4 Cab 997 when they come out.

    Thanks for your input.

    Re: Please...

    Tell me where that car is and I will go buy it if it is avail

    Think Pagani Zonda :shocked:

    Rear wheel drive only turbo charged 911s with more than 650NM have always been difficult to drive. It is the nature of the power delivery making it almost impossible to accurately feather the throttle, so you either have power on or off with the in between bit being virtually uncontrollable. I had a Ruf CTR (yellowbird) and a 460ps600NM 965 and both were quite dangerous to "fool around" with. For me a high power/torque 993tt is the ultimate rawness available with a special LSD on the rear, power slides are available (without the PSM spoiling the fun ) with the rear letting go controlled by that LSD then the power being mechanically dialled into the front to stop the rear going too wild :grin:

    Re: Please...

    Well at least you know what you are doing. My experiences are losing control with a lot of prayers going on at the same time.

    Re: Please...

    Well at least you know what you are doing.

    Er... I know the theory, but the practice always seems to be a bit hit or miss

    How many real rear wheel HP?


    I know I'm a little late. We finally completed a dyno run early this morning. The air/fuel mixture was a little to rich and we only pushed it to 1.2 bar. Anyway, maxium rear wheel HP was 564.0.

    We are going to adjust the fuel mixture and raise the boost to 1.3 bar for another dyno run this coming Thursday.

    Re: How many real rear wheel HP?

    Chad, how much do you figure you can raise the boost before you start to worry about the engine? How what fuel were you running on the last dyno?

    Re: How many real rear wheel HP?

    With the stock internals, we are not going to push the boost past 1.3 bar. I begin to worry (subjective) about the rods and rod bolts past this point.

    The last dyno run was conducted with 100 octane fuel.

    Re: How many real rear wheel HP?

    Sorry, but it rained dyno run. New run is scheduled for this coming Monday or Tuesday.

    Re: How many real rear wheel HP?

    Visited the car at S Car Go Racing today. The car was being prepared for the next dyno run. The air/fuel mixture was being adjusted and the S Car Go Racing "short" headers were sent out for ceramic coatings. When the headers were removed a black ring about 2 mm in width was noticed around the head exhaust port where the header flange attached. We have decided to port the heads about the same 2mm where the exhaust was hitting. This will match the headers to the heads. This will be done in time for the dyno run which is now planned for this coming Tuesday.

    Re: How many real rear wheel HP?

    The following was the results of the last dyno run. The torque was low due to a rich air/fuel mixture. This is currently being addressed. The maxium boost was 1.2 bar and the fuel used was 100 octane. Three dyno runs were conducted within five minutes and the maxium rwhp variation was four hp. Below is the highest rwhp run of the three.

    2200 099.8 238.2
    2300 105.3 240.4
    2400 113.8 254.0
    2500 130.8 274.7
    2600 143.6 290.1
    2700 158.3 307.9
    2800 172.0 322.7
    2900 182.6 330.8
    3000 190.1 332.8
    3100 206.4 349.7
    3200 223.0 365.9
    3300 246.4 392.2
    3400 270.7 418.2
    3500 284.3 426.6
    3600 304.5 444.3
    3700 330.3 469.5
    3800 351.3 485.6
    3900 355.8 479.2
    4000 371.5 487.0
    4100 387.0 496.2
    4200 392.2 488.0
    4300 400.0 496.1
    4400 418.5 501.6
    4500 420.0 490.6
    4600 426.1 486.5
    4700 434.1 485.1
    4800 437.7 479.0
    4900 444.2 476.5
    5000 466.1 489.6
    5100 482.4 496.7
    5200 475.7 480.4
    5300 465.9 461.7
    5400 473.8 460.8
    5500 493.4 471.2
    5600 479.4 449.6
    5700 466.3 429.5
    5800 485.1 439.3
    5900 516.5 459.8
    6000 486.9 426.2
    6100 467.8 402.8
    6200 453.8 384.4
    6300 501.3 417.9
    6400 542.7 445.4
    6500 510.6 412.5
    6600 507.4 403.8
    6700 523.7 410.5
    6800 564.9 431.8

    Re: How many real rear wheel HP?

    Sorry, but the new HKS additional injector controller (PC Controlled) was eight days late in arriving. Will need a couple days to dial in. The heads have been ported to match the S Car Go Racing Headers. We have booked dyno time for this coming Wednesday.

    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...simple "Turbo GTS"

    Ok - Carbon Intake from ScarGo images here....


    Re: cjv's monster Turbo...simple "Turbo GTS"

    First of all, I want to thank Shank for posting the above pics. What they show are different angles of the S Car Go Racing carbon fiber version of my prototype intake from the air box to the turbo chargers (these are not my turbo chargers). S Car Go currently has in production copies of my intake being made in carbon fiber from the turbo chargers to the throttle body and then from the throttle body to the heads. These new parts should be dyno tested early next week.


    I was ready to post your pictures but Shank has been a little bit faster that me. Shame on me.

    BTW: I had to close this thread because loading time has grown very much due to the many posts and pictures.
    To continue this thread, you can always open a new one and refer to this one, Chad. Thanks for your understanding.

    Very impressive pictures, indeed...I admire your passion for building your dream car.



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