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    Pickup Monday

    FINALLY. I'm picking up the little lady's new S. Having following this board and others in silence and learning about all the options and problems has been more than informative.

    These forums helped me to upgrade from the Cayenne to the S. I tow my race cars about 15 weekends a year. I just didn't feel comfortable with the lesser HP knowing the hills of Mont-Tremblant and the Glen.

    I hope to post some pics next week.


    Re: Pickup Monday

    Welcome to Rennteam and congratulations on the new Cayenne! I hope you got the air suspension. Definitely show us some photos of the new Cayenne and maybe the GT3 as well.

    Re: Pickup Monday

    You must be very excited, enjoy the pickup and don't forget to post some pictures of your new baby.
    My Cayenne Turbo exits production on the 26th of march, just can't wait to pick it up. I hope you sleep well at night because I don't.

    Re: Pickup Monday

    Very exciting

    Don't forget some photos.

    Re: Pickup Monday

    Would it be in time for Leipzig?

    Re: Pickup Monday

    Ron (Houston) said:
    Would it be in time for Leipzig?

    Good question, Ron. I doubt it.
    My Cayenne Turbo exits production on the 26th of march.
    This is a Friday. The earliest the car can be shipped to my dealer would be Tuesday or Wednesday, more likely it will be at my dealer around one week after production ends.
    The 31st of march is Wednesday, so unfortunately it seems I have to drive to Leipzig in our ML55.
    My dealer asked me if I want to take factory delivery because we can still change that but he cannot guarantee that I can pickup my Cayenne Turbo exactly on the 31st of march. And I don't want to have to go twice to Leipzig (450 km from my home) because once a factory delivery is scheduled, I can't change it back anymore on a short notice.
    Maybe I'm lucky and my CT exits production a few days earlier, this is the only chance I have to get the CT in time for the Leipzig CGT event. But chances aren't good, Porsche has a pretty tight and precise production planning.

    I stilll have hopes but...

    Re: Pickup Monday

    Production was two weeks ahead of schedule when mine was built, so I received mine a bit earlier than planned. That was in July 2003. I don't think the actual assembly time changed much, just the start time.

    It sounds very exciting. When you actually sleep, do you dream of heads being torqued down to blocks or air suspensions being attached to chassis?



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