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    Some modifications....


    I'm proud to present my 996 C2 Cabrio after some nice modifications. Chek this out.

    Re: Some modifications....

    Conbratulations Avoe,
    She's a beauty, have you only fitted it with the turbo body kit or it comes with the turbo's engine too.
    I like the interior with arctic grey around the pcm, very nice...

    Re: Some modifications....

    No I didn't modify the engine.
    This will maybe be my next project. I thought about the ttp 420 hp kit, but I'm a bit skeptic. By the way, is there anybody who have some experiences with such modifications?

    anyway thanks for the compliment, I hope my car will not turn from black to red. ;-)


    Re: Some modifications....

    Nice pictures, nice car. Thanks for posting.
    If you want to adapt a turbo kit to your M96 engine, don't do it. It will be very hard to sell your car afterwards, reliability will be seriously compromised and such a Turbo kit is very expensive too.
    There are some tuners who offer a power upgrade based on the original factory powerkit. Not cheap but this delivers quite reliable 340-345 HP on a 300 HP engine and resale value might be better too because it is based on the original Porsche setup.

    Re: Some modifications....

    You might have a right. I also thought about this matter.
    But the porsche powerkit ist not available for my car. (2001). Anyway, If you have any experince with this stuff than I will be glad to hear your suggestion for a Tuningteam.

    best regards, Avi

    Re: Some modifications....

    It is not the question if the powerkit is available for your 2001 car or not. The Tuners are using the parts of the powerkit and improve exhaust system/cats/ECU. The only reason the powerkit isn't officially available for your car is emissions laws. Tuners always "bend" the law, you know that.

    Re: Some modifications....

    I knew the reason why they doesn't offer the powerkit enymore. I've also heard that this powerkit may increase the perfomance morte than 20hp. Tuners like techart for example doesn't use an other camshaft like porsche in his powerkit. And I didn't find any tuner who is using modified ir improved porsche powerkit parts. I would be satisfied with lets say, 40 hp more and 20-30 nm. But as I already said, by now I didn't find anybody reliable who offers something like this. But maybe someone of you guys can help me in this matter.

    best regards

    Re: Some modifications....

    Try RS-Tuning in Germany. Only your money is the limit, they can install a genuine GT3 engine on a Boxster too.
    What I like about them is the fact, that they're using mainly original Porsche parts.
    To give you an example of bad tuning: I just saw today a 996 tuned to 325 HP by a well known Tuner. Because of the low quality highflow catalytic converter, a piece of the interior metal broke off, entered the cylindre and the whole engine has to be opened now. The damage is pretty obvious and it won't be a cheap repair.

    beautiful job!

    What did you have to do re: special installation proceedures for the front and rear bumper covers? Are those factory TT bumper covers? Anything other parts needed? Did you notice better high speed stability? TIA

    Re: beautiful job!

    thanks again.

    I had to be a bit creativ. But it's not such a big problem.
    The rear bumper is originall Porsche 4s bumper, respectively the hole rear. You have to do some little modifications before you install the new bumper.
    And the installation of the front bumper is no problem.

    Till now i didn't had a chance to make a high speed test. But i think it will be a bit better. Anyway I will tell you, as soon as I'll test it.

    Best regards



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