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    Buying used 911

    I'm starting to do my homework to buy my first Porsche. I'm interested in a used 2005 or later 911 Carrera with low mileage. I want to know if anybody would share their experience in South Florida with Porsche dealerships, and if someone has had experience with Jenkins Auto, what pricing range should I expect, what kind of discounts have been negotiated, if any. Also if someone has bought from a non Porsche dealer, but has had the car certified, how is that process, cost, etc? I appreciate your help.


    Re: Buying used 911

    Make sure your approved used 911 has a PCM CD player that can play mp3 CDs. The first ones couldn't do it. I think MY2005 can't whereas MY2006 can.

    Re: Buying used 911

    Congrates on getting you first Porsche. It's irresistibly hard to stay with the 'vehicle research' and study of the documentation before the emotions set in...

    Make sure you get a readout of the engine computer - watch for over revs, s/n change, etc.

    Re: Buying used 911

    Too bad your in Florida, I live in SF and have a 2005 997S in mint cond for sale (purchasing 997 TT). Go to to see a few pictures or do a search on Good luck. My advice is to look for one that has been pampered and well taken care of. Do a car fax and make sure the owner has all service records and the car has never been hit. For me it must be owned by a non smoker and always garaged. Stay away from cars that don't have at least 4000 miles per year on them (Porsche reccomends a minimum of 6000 miles per year). As far as Mp3's go, I could care less. I have a Pro Tools small home studio set-up for recording my drums and other instruments but always use Aiff format because the quality of the music is much better. My Bose plays them with no issues. The only disadvantage is each song takes up large amount of space so you can only fit about 40 minutes of music per CD as opposed to hundreds of Mpegs. The trade off is well worth it for me. I am not even ordering a CD changer on the TT and plan to buy a unit that allows you to hook up an Ipod on any 997. It goes in the front trunk in place of the CD changer and intregrates well with the PCM unit. Thats the way to go!

    Re: Buying used 911

    An acquaitance of mine with loads of experience owning Porsche's told me that for a prospective first-time Porsche owner, if interested in a used model, should : 1) stick to the 996 or later as the water-cooled engine has fewer problems to deal with; 2) get the Porsche 100- (or is it 120, 150, or 200-) point check. If considering a car being sold privately, tell the owner that you'll consider the car if he or she lets you take it in for the official check. You pay for it, but you get a detailed listing of what needs to be done and, just as important, you can use it in bargaining over the price.

    You can find a lot of good used Porsche's on the market. Take your time and you'll probably get a good one at a good price.

    I would have followed this advice if I had the time to spend in searching. It seems to me that is a critical determinant in getting a good used Porsche - you may just need to spend the time investigating a lot of used 911's.


    Re: Buying used 911

    Thanks to all for your answers. Please keep them coming. This is a big deal for me, and I'm looking forward to owning my first Porsche.


    Re: Buying used 911

    Having been driving Porsches most of my life (I'm 52 now) I can say a few things about shopping for Porsches.

    (1) Buy the newest one that you can safely afford;
    (2) Only deal on one with history of service. There are plenty of Porsches out there not to have to settle for one with a sketchy background. Don't even THINK about one that has a salvage title. You're getting someone's nightmare to save what?

    (3) Use forums like Rennteam and Rennlist to find out what you can about the model 911 you are narrowing your search to. There are plenty of little nuances that you need to be familiar with.

    (4) Don't fall in love with the first one you see or drive. There are plenty of them out there.

    Re: Buying used 911

    See Wonderbar's "Selling Car" post on this thread. A unique car, perfect for Florida...

    Re: Buying used 911

    My advice is to put your specs on paper and stick to them. The moment you test drive a Porsche you cannot think anymore. You think sure I really wanted a manual black rear wheel drive but this yellow 4wd with tip just drives fantastic!

    You will regret it later...

    Re: Buying used 911

    I would definitely get a computer ECU printout and any other printouts possible to find out if the car has been abused i.e. any over-revving etc.

    I would certainly study the service history very very carefully and phone up the garages that carried out routine maintenance.

    Get the 150 point check for sure.

    I think it's important, if buying privately, to assess the seller just as carefully as the car itself.

    In London, there are independent dealerships that specialise in Porsches. For older, cheaper cars, it's good to go to places like that since they often sell cars to people and then those people sell the car back to that dealership and the cycle continues. It means the garage 'knows' the car well. They wouldn't buy it back unless it was safe. Portiacraft is a good example of that:

    Read Harry's comments and the various guides on that site. It's very useful to hear the comments of a larger than life Greek guy who's been buying and selling Porsches for a couple of decades. I've met him - he's expert!

    Maybe there is an independent specialist where you live?

    Re: Buying used 911

    I should add that you could look at Porsche magazines e.g. in the UK, we have GT Purely Porsche, Total 911, 911 & Porsche World. These all have classified ads. Plus established magazines for premium brands e.g. Top Marques magazine.

    Good luck

    Re: Buying used 911

    You will find a ton of Porsches on eBay. This is by far the best place to find a Porsche as long as you get it from a dealer with lots of positive feedback. Avoid private sales on eBay.

    I agree you need to stay away from really low mileage cars. As long as there is some warranty left the mileage should not be an issues - drive the car to make certain it feels just like a new one (drive one of those too).

    I agree that MP3 capability is not important - I never listen to the BOSE system I have - the engine is all you need.

    DO NOT BUY an AUTOMATIC - you will never be able to sell it for anything near what you paid for it.

    I have a 997S with PCCB, adaptive seats, BOSE, Sport Chrono etc. 100K when new - for sale. It does have 43K miles as I love to drive that car. Other than the miles it is loaded and in mint condition (new tires even). It could be yours for less than 60K. At least this gives you a ball-park figure. In my opinion buying a car with a few more miles save you so much money that it's not a concern with Porsche quality.

    Good luck! I am certain you will love the car you find!

    Re: Buying used 911

    Thanks guys. I'm looking at a few options and so far the one I like the most is a black on black '05 Carrera with a few extras (Navi, Xenon, Sound, Pwr seats). It has a bit under 7K miles and is listed at $67K.

    I've seen a couple of post recommending to keep away from low mileage Porsches. Any specific reason for it? I always thought less mleage is better when buying used but since I've never dealt with a Porsche.....


    Re: Buying used 911

    Leawood911 said:[/b

    I have a 997S with PCCB, adaptive seats, BOSE, Sport Chrono etc. 100K when new - for sale. It does have 43K miles as I love to drive that car. Other than the miles it is loaded and in mint condition (new tires even). It could be yours for less than 60K.

    Hey Leawood911,

    Your car sounds like the launch edition 997S. At 60K, it will be a steal!

    Re: Buying used 911

    It is a steal and it is a Launch edition. I have my eye on a GT3. Anyone interested in a really nice, loaded 997 let me know.

    I am about to get a new battery under warranty - stay tuned for that story on this board.

    Re: Buying used 911

    I'm glad to say that I'm now the owner of an '05 Carrera, fully loaded, GT Silver with black interior. I'll post pictures after I pick it up this Friday.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    Re: Buying used 911

    Give us some more specs - miles , cost etc. If you don't mind. It does help the rest of us to keep current.

    Thanks, and ENJOY!!!

    Re: Buying used 911

    OK, here it goes. It's a C2 negotiated for $63.5K. It's a late '05 with 6700 miles. GT Silver with full leather interior, 19" Carrera S wheels, almost new Pirelli tires, multifunction steering wheel, high end sound, Chrono plus package, Xenon, Navigation, full power heated seats, supple leather, 2007 style shift lever. Sticker on it was $88K.

    I think that's it.


    Re: Buying used 911

    Great buy and excellent options. CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase. May you enjoy many miles of driving bliss. PORSCHE: THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE...........



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