"Straight away the BMW is different to the Merc, with refreshing clarity in its steering"

"By a unanimous verdict, the M3 wins. The others are instantly more appealing; the VXR8 for its sound and oversteer availability, the C63 for its polish, ambience and monstrous pace. Yet while it takes longer to get to know the M3, when you do, it reveals a depth of ability that is more inspiring and rewarding. After a determined drive, it leaves you more satisfied, showing that really big power can only take you so far"

Overall Rating:
M3 5 stars
C63AMG 4.5 stars
VXR8 4 Stars

Bedford Autodrome - West Circuit
1.26,6 BMW M3
1.29,5 Mercedes C63
1.30,0 Vauxhall VXR8

(Slightly damp conditions)