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    6:10 PM, Friday. Lady following too close after pushing into my lane, turning left onto an onramp from Scripps Poway Parkway onto I-15 South. Meters are on, lots of traffic, three or four cars in front of me in the intersection, I stop at the line to wait for the intersection to clear.

    The lady behind me doesn't. BAM!

    Naturally, she gets out and says, "DIDN'T YOU SEE THE LIGHT WAS GREEN?"

    Well, no one was hurt, so that's all that mattered to me. I explained to her that when there are cars stopped in an intersection, you are not allowed to enter it, but she didn't seem to really care. By the end of our transaction though she seemed to have cooled down and said, "sorry about your car." Hers barely has a scratch, whereas mine has fairly substantial damage.

    No big deal though, all repairable I suppose. Annoying though.

    I managed to go over a year without even a door ding, I guess I was long overdue.

    I think the funniest part of this though is that her insurance broker is "Happy Bear Insurance".

    Re: Rear-ended

    Very sorry to read about your incident. Most importantly, no one was hurt and I am sure your car will quickly be returned to its former glory.

    Re: Rear-ended

    eslai said:
    Naturally, she gets out and says, "DIDN'T YOU SEE THE LIGHT WAS GREEN?"


    gr... i hate dumb drivers!!!!
    my old car got hit like that once too, (2002 Nissan X-terra)

    i hurts to see the dent.... i know how that feel...

    Re: Rear-ended

    Well no-one was hurt , but thats some repair bill you've got.
    Looks like the aluminium bumper bar behind the cover has shifted on its collapsible mountings. Check your exhaust system too, its pretty vulnerable in a rear end shunt.

    Re: Rear-ended

    Dumb road hazard chick! Should put her to driving school again...

    Re: Rear-ended

    Well, thankfully there should be no expenses on my part to fix this. But yeah, I wish they'd make drivers take a comprehensive test to renew their licenses every couple of years or so. In California, they'll give a license to anyone with a pulse.

    Re: Rear-ended

    Sorry to read that

    Today some dump <bleeeeeep> changed lane while I was passing him. I jumped on the brake and the horn but he kept closing on. Car's got only minor scratches it's not even three weeks old ! That's Paris driving for you ...

    Re: Rear-ended

    Sorry, to read
    But why no expenses on your part to fix, a she willing to pay the damage she done to your car?

    Re: Rear-ended

    In California all drivers are required to have liability insurance that will cover the other party in an accident that is your own fault. You have to have proof of insurance in your car at all times.

    Of course, that doesn't mean that everyone HAS that insurance--I'm sure there's a big fine if a police officer catches you without insurance and/or you get into an accident and don't have liability insurance.

    And that happens a lot--you get in an accident with sonmeone and they turn out not to have insurance and you're SCREWED.

    Also, in California, you're almost ALWAYS 100% at fault if you hit someone from behind. There's no way she's going to get out of this one.

    Luckily enough though I have very good insurance so even if she didn't have insurance, I would have been covered--my insurance company would have made me pay my deductable of $500 and then they would have sued the crap out of her and obtained their money AND mine.

    I suppose they don't require drivers to carry insurance in Hong Kong?

    Re: Rear-ended

    I'd like to understand more of what "and you're screwed.." actually means. What DOES California do to uninsured motorists?

    We hear about this all the time but I never seem to hear about the penalties. In another state I had an uninsured motorist hit me and they had to show proof of paid for insurance for the next 3-5 years or risk having all tags (plates)removed from all their cars as well as their driver's license revoked.


    Re: Rear-ended

    Yeah, i wish I knew what the ramifications were too. I suppose the info may be online.

    Oh and the grand total is $1989.47



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