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    Porsche Car Configurator

    been trying for days now to configure a car on porsche germany or usa configurator.

    loads fine, however hangs when i change specs or color...

    can anybody confirm if its a problem with the site ?

    Re: Porsche Car Configurator

    intouch1 said:
    been trying for days now to configure a car on porsche germany or usa configurator.

    loads fine, however hangs when i change specs or color...

    can anybody confirm if its a problem with the site ?

    Works fine for me. Try playing with the Flash plugin, change from D3D to OpenGL, etc.

    Re: Porsche Car Configurator

    wont matter there is so much stuff that is not referenced in the car configurator you will be wasting your time if your seriously in the market

    Re: Porsche Car Configurator

    I had the same issue. After the configurator was loaded it hanged when trying to change anything, e.g. color, wheels, etc.

    Found out it was my firewall blocking the request. I guess after the Flash upgrade, which was needed for the new configurator, my firewall did not recognize the new plugin and went "no, no, no!".

    Reconfigured the firewall and it works fine now...

    Re: Porsche Car Configurator

    The Configurator had some technical problems over the weekend. It is working fine now

    If you want a lot more detail, use the Configurator on the German website since it is AFAIK the only one which includes the Porsche Exclusive options. I think all it is missing are the codes for deviated stitching.

    BTW, the configurator is a very very dangerous place to visit. It will make you empty your wallet faster than a Las Vegas casino

    Re: Porsche Car Configurator

    Someone posted earlier a copy of the very informative 2007 Porsche Ordering Guide, which has all options available in the US (including codes for deviated stitching / carpeting).

    I could not find the original link, so I made a mirror.

    Yes, I'm a dangerous man too!

    Re: Porsche Car Configurator

    here's the link:

    but you need to register first...

    2007 US Porsche 997 Ordering Guide

    This is an unbelievably helpful document. It has maybe 20% more essential information than the ordering guide/detailed price list we have in the UK (which is really just a translation of the German price list with some small UK differences).

    I was surprised by the number of differences between EU and US spec:

    cruise control, TPMS, rain sensor, sunroof

    These are worth quite a bit. What really p*ssed me off the most is how the cars are so much cheaper in the US! Today, 1GBP=US$1.98. This pricing is crazy!!

    At least, we can get -20mm here

    Some of the interesting stuff I noted in the US guide:

    The carpet behind the rear seats can be in a deviated colour.

    There are plenty of codes for deviated stitching BUT does this cover EVERY LITTLE BIT of stitching in the car? Would one want every little bit of stitching in a deviated colour? I assume so but maybe there are some places where it is best not to??

    25221: the alcantara rooflining can be in a deviated colour. Dealers never tell you this is even possible. I'm happy with black though!

    CRD Brake calipers can be in red (for owners of the C2 or C4) but I assume this is the red caliper only (not the actual better brake discs etc of the C2S or C4S)

    Re: 2007 US Porsche 997 Ordering Guide

    Regarding deviated stitching: There are seven option codes to know:
    24891: seats
    24901: dashboard upper half
    24902: door upper half (the black part in bicolor interiors)
    24903: door handle
    24904: center console (PCM sides and section between front seats. SHIFTER, SHIFTER BOOT AND HANDBRAKE ARE NOT INCLUDED)
    24905: rear side panel
    and the most important, 09991: all EXCLUSIVE options.

    Everything is covered, BUT the shifter, the shifter boot and the handbrake. The shifter boot especially is the tricky bit.

    If you want a manual car, you HAVE to order the DAD alu/leather shifter & handbrake option. In a Tiptronic car, you HAVE to order the handbrake, which is available separately as CFP.

    If you want CF or wood trim, you must order it through Tequipment (dealer-fit). The regular 801/802/803 options include the dashboard trim, and the handbrake and gear shifter or Tiptronic selector. Unfortunately, the latter three are not covered by any deviated stitching option, and are incompatible with DAD and CFP, which is necessary to get deviated stitching on the shifter boot (you'd think Exclusive would trump all, but no, it'd be too obvious! ).

    The best solution is to let your dealer handle it (the Tequipment packages only include the dashboard trim).
    If you want a shifter boot with deviated stitching but also with carbon or wood inserts on the shifter, you need to order the appropriate steering wheel + shifter + handbrake option from Tequipment (not available separately, gotta order them all), and ask your dealer not to fit the parts you don't want.

    Caution: Make sure those parts are compatible beforehand, I have not tried it myself!

    Regarding red calipers (you're right, it's only calipers): they are also recommanded with paint-to-sample yellow exteriors (e.g. Signal Yellow) if you've got PCCB.

    Re: 2007 US Porsche 997 Ordering Guide

    Very informative post Groom. Thanks!

    Sorry to nitpick, but one very minor correction: regarding the red calipers (CRD), you can't get them if you have PCCB (option 450) according to that Guide. There is a conflict listed with 450.

    But once again, thanks - very useful to know.

    Re: 2007 US Porsche 997 Ordering Guide

    Odd, because the first time I heard about this option was when W8MM showed pictures of his CGT (which does have PCCB and red calipers).

    I guess where there's a will, there's a way...

    One last thing about Tiptronic cars & deviated stitching: you don't actually have to order the CFP option, but you do have to order something, and CFP looks better.

    On the standard leather handbrake, only the mobile half of the lever has apparent stitching (not covered by any option). You can replace it with the CF or wood part from the 801/802/803 packages. At least, there won't be any apparent stitching in the standard color.

    However, CFP also adds stitching (deviated if you order the 09991 option) to the fixed half of the handbrake. As a result, it flows much better together with the rear console - which also makes it a "must have" option in my book.



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