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    GT3 still too low

    I hate to beat this subject to death, but I tried again asking my dealer to raise my GT3 a few mm's and he told me it can't be done. This is just bullshit, right? Why is he so reluctant?

    Is there some way I can get official confirmation, say from PAG, that it can be done so he can't argue? Are there manuals which describe the procedure? If I could just raise it say 10mm it would make the car so much easier to drive around here.

    And has anyone else noticed that the new GT3 seems higher off the ground than the 2000 models?

    I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

    Re: GT3 still too low

    Talk to your dealer and ask him to contact Porsche in Germany. If your dealer refuses, insist. You are the customer, right?!
    At least he can raise your GT3 to the maximum allowed limit described in the technical handbook which every official Porsche dealer has. This isn't much but can be around 10 mm higher if you're lucky. But again...tell them to contact Porsche in Germany.

    I'd like to help you more but I don't have more information on this issue, honestly. Most people want to lower their cars, not to raise them.

    Re: GT3 still too low

    Good point Speed,
    I noticed too, that on the pics Christian posted, the new GT3 from the front, it seems awfully high!
    Now, is this because if the angle the pic was taken from? is this a special model just made for the press package?
    I don't know, but it certainly does look higher.
    Shouldn't though, as it has been specified that it is 30mm lower than the standard 996 just like the first version.

    Re: GT3 still too low

    RC, I am indeed the customer. Unfortunately, here in the 3rd world, my dealer is the only game in town and he supplies a 5 yr warranty (factory is 2 yrs). So he charges what he wants and he sets a lot of the rules. It is a really well run dealership though. And they are customer-focused, but they're not easy to push.

    Is there any way I can get hold of this technical handbook?

    And if I lowered this car any more, I'd be a scraping insects off the road

    Re: GT3 still too low

    Fanch, maybe just the front spoiler has been raised. That alone would help my problem a lot.

    Re: GT3 still too low

    Well, then one solution coud to replace the GT3 front spoiler with the standard 996 front spoiler, it is higher of the ground but I don't know if that would affect earodynamic efficiency?



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