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    Porsche Pajun Thread Closed

     Oh yeah. The Pajun.

    Just found these two articles stating that Porsche is looking into creating a mid-size sedan to give the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class a run for their money. Pajun, or Panamera Junior, is the current working name.

    Engines are expected to be carryovers from the Panamera with the price being somewhere in the 60000 EUR range. No deliveries or release before 2015/6 however, so we'll probably see this thing around the same time as the next-generation Panamera.

    Thoughts, everyone?



    Porsche Considering Sub-Panamera Medium Sedan: Report


    Volkswagen's push to have Porsche make a greater contribution to the group's sales figures has already led to confirmation of a new small SUV, namedCajun.

    Now, reports out of Germany suggest that a sixth model isn't far away, this time in the form of a smaller sedan that will slot in beneath the Panamera and tackle the likes of BMW's 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


    Already, the rumoured medium sedan has been dubbed 'Pajun' in the press, and according to German publication Autobild, the new model will retain the four-door coupe look of its larger sibling.

    The report adds that engine options will mirror the Panamera, including petrol, diesel and hybrid variants.

    If the reports are to be believed, Porsche will undoubtedly be seeking to replicate the success of the Panamera, just as the Cajun will be expected to build on the Cayenne SUV's top-selling position.

    Within Porsche's Australian line-up, the Panamera's sales pale in comparison to the company's global best-seller, the Cayenne. 

    It's a different story in the "Upper Large over $100,000" segment however, where the Panamera trails the top-selling Audi A8BMW 7 Series and Jaguar XJ by only a few cars each month.

    Whether there's any truth to these reports remain to be seen, but the introduction of a sub-Panamera sedan would likely go a long  way towards improving Porsche's overall sales figures. Any potential debut would be unlikely to happen before 2015, however.





    Re: Porsche Pajun Thread Closed


    They need to focus on fixing the rear half of the Panamera before they drop another turd on us.  God that car is ugly...

    Re: Porsche Pajun Thread Closed

    We already have an older thread regarding the "Pajun":


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