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    Driveway joys....

    Does anybody have the appropriate arrival/departure angles for a 993s?  I looked at a house and the driveway is a bit steep...the builder is motivated an stated he would rework the driveway to suit my car.  I *think* my 993 has the US ride height. I searched here and rennlist and couldn't find the answer. 



    Re: Driveway joys....

    If you can approach the driveway at a acute angle enough, i.e. the front wheels gets to the slope before the front lip, then it won't be a problem.

    From memory, a stock 993 has a better approach angle than all current cars, the lip is higher and the overhang is shorter.



    Re: Driveway joys....

    Are you talking about only a curb cut / apron, or an extended length of drive?  I ran into this a little on my own driveway (extended run, not the actual curb cut).  It was not really the angle itself, but the rate of the slope change for me.  Have your contractor sweep the transitions rather than hard angles, if this is the case.  

    If you are only talking about the curb cut / apron, then I would measure it myself.  On my lowest car it is just over 8 degrees.  That would be plenty shallow enough for a 993 C2 or even a Turbo (slightly lower) at factory height.

    Just measure the distance from the front of the tire (where it meets the floor) to the front lip horizontally, and then measure the height of the lip vertically.  Divide the height by the horizontal distance, and take the "inverse tangent" of that.  Just make sure you do it in degrees, not radians on the calculator.  You can also take a long, thin, rigid board (rigid paneling, masonite, OSB, whatever) and tuck it under the tire to help measure this distance  and height more accurately.  Raise it up until it rests against the lowest obstruction and then measure the height of the board off the floor, and the actual length of the board itself.  

    Post the numbers on here for a double check if you like.  I'd be glad to help out.  For a comparison, my car is 5 inches high 32 inches out.  5/32 = .1563 and the inverse tangent is 8.88 degrees.

    Nick makes a very good point above though.  The 993 is not the toughest cat in the jungle for this concern, so designing specifically for it might not be the ultimate solution for you or future owners.  Just sayin.  If you need a good number, 8 degrees would cover the 993.  5 degrees would cover a lot of other cars too...

    You could have the contractor double check everything with his skid loader by telling him to set his front blade at a given height and drive over it to verify how well it works.  That's what I did for the extended, sweeping elevation changes.

    Sorry for the long answer.

    Re: Driveway joys....

    Appreciate the thorough answer.  The problem is definitely the extended run.  It is the transition from the rather steep and sudden transition from the downward slope of the driveway to the level garage floor.  How would I spec / describe the sweep of the driveway?  

    Re: Driveway joys....

    That sounds like you will need to lower the angle from driveway to garage floor.

    I don't think you will have room to extend the driveway to make up for the extra length needed as I figured the other side of the driveway will be the public road.

    One possible solution is to make the driveway more of a concave shape, or maybe a 2 step, 3 step 'slope'. Since you are likely limited by the length for that given drop in height, the height difference has to be made up somewhere else, say a steeper first drop, gentler second drop and finally the last slope into the garage. 

    Another option would be to install steel grate 'ramps' to bridge the last part of the driveway to make the slope less steep. I imagine there will be drains at the bottom and the grates will let water drains down. 



    Re: Driveway joys....

    Got any pics?

    I think you're saying that the garage is below the level of the drive/approach?  If that's right, it makes it pretty tricky, but the angle is essentially the same angle you were asking about before.  Is the only concern that the front lip will scrape right at the garage transition?  It's possible to have problems elsewhere, depending on the grade as the car approaches of course.

    In this case, the main critical point is going to be the location where the rear wheels are when the front wheels are at the garage transition line, and where the front lip is then.  As long as the the slope is no more than the "8 degrees or so" I suggested before, over that entire distance, then the lip should not scrape at that point.  Realize here that if the garage floor is raised above the drive, (which it should be) then you have to account for that in the angle, because the front wheels will be lower than the garage floor, making it way worse.  If the garage floor is not raised, then there may be potential for drainage problems as water rolls down the drive in a heavy storm, so be careful of the modifications the might create a problem with that.  I've never had a lower level garage, but I've heard horror stories...

    Can you drive the car there and test it out?


    Re: Driveway joys....

    Got out with the tap measure tonight...

    current slope is 11 degrees; if I can start the slope in the city sidewalk (questionable) is 8 degrees; and if I get really creative bridging the foot wide drain at the bottom of the slope I can eek out another .5 degree making in 7.5 ....

    tried driving the car down the driveway this weekend...wasn't even close...seemed like my wife waived me off well before the transition

    house has a stunning view, great finishes, plenty of room but a "challenging" driveway and some noise issues (airport) when the windows are open.  30percent less than a property at a great location but still may not make sense. 

    Decisions ahead. 

    ThAnks for all the help

    Re: Driveway joys....

    Glad to help a brother out.  I enjoy this kind of challenge.

    If you want more exact ideas, just let me know.  I would still need some more measurements.

    Whatever the case, good luck with whatever you do!


    Re: Driveway joys....

    Here's an example of a possibility.  Probably doesn't match your exact dimensions, but it shows what I mean by sweeping the grade.

    Notice the garage is 33' from the sidewalk, and the drop in elevation is just under 8'.

    I made this pretty tight not as a recommendation, but to illustrate where I think the edge of possible is:

    993 approach.JPG

    The under carriage and the front lip get pretty close.  Other designs are possible based on the specifics, but you get my point.




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