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    FIA: Spy case to be heard again

    This just gets better and better...

    Formula 1's on-going spy scandal has taken a sensational new twist after the FIA announced on Wednesday that it is to re-open the investigation into a breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting code by the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.

    The world championship leaders were found guilty at the previous hearing of possessing confidential information belonging to Ferrari, but were not punished because the FIA had insufficient evidence to prove that the team had acted upon it in any way.

    However the case, which was set for appeal on September 13, has now been referred back to the World Motor Sport Council after the FIA announced it had received new evidence on the matter.

    Re: FIA: Spy case to be heard again

    Looks like ALonso gave evidence to FIA. Rumour is that De la Rosa gave him data about Ferrari`s setup. That explains why Hamilton had many problems with tyre`s wear on races, when Alonso didnt want to share telemerty with him anymore - for example in Silverstone, Hamilton`s tyres were worn out after 10 laps, while Alonso`s were still in very good condition. Also in Turkey his tyre failure happened becouse of his to aggressive tyre`s setup

    Rumour is that Alonso will get immunity if he tells a truth. Also he wants to left McLaren, but has contract for another two years. But if McLaren will be banned, he could go back to Renault next year. Also Flavio Briatore will 13.9. testified against McLaren. Is this coincidence or maybe Alonso / Briatore wants McLaren out of F1 and ALonso could be back in Renault.

    In my opinion, if this is true that he used Ferrari`s data which he recived from Pedro de la Rosa and now acts against his team, then he is traitor and he is the first who should be banned. It will be interesting to see how this will end. Some media said this is Alonso`s payback to McLaren for that he isnt number 1 driver in the team.

    Re: FIA: Spy case to be heard again

    Article on the subject:

    Alonso linked to spy row evidence

    Speculation is mounting in Monza that world champion Fernando Alonso could be among those at the centre of the spy scandal engulfing Formula 1.

    Re: FIA: Spy case to be heard again

    Shakal said:

    Also Flavio Briatore will 13.9. testified against McLaren. Is this coincidence or maybe Alonso / Briatore wants McLaren out of F1 and ALonso could be back in Renault.

    Another media speculation among the many ones: F. Briatore is the source who revealed the FIA that Alonso was involved in the spy case.

    He would have leaked the information with the agreement of Alonso so that the Spaniard could brake his Mclaren contract and returns to Renault next year.



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