I was recommended this installer today by a fellow TT owner and subsequently sent an enquiry to them today. Well at 9pm tonight I had a phone call from a very nice young lady called Anne who explained the in's and out's of installation etc and it sounds pretty good stuff. Apparently it the latest 3M film which doesn't have an orange peel look at the right angle and is completely smooth.

Although I think I'm convinced to have this protection done I really need to see it first. I watched a couple of guys from "Armourfend" install a full set on a 997 in the Leeds OPC the other week and decided I'll not bother as it wasn't particularly good. I'm fussy perhaps too fussy but I came away wondering what all the hype was about.

Anyway, has anyone used Paint Shield. Apparently they have secured a direct contract with Porsche, which must say something about them surely.