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    Where to buy european license plate holder online?

    I'm experiencing european license plate envy. The front of my car looks like it's designed more for the shape of the european plate, and I've discovered that I can get one made with my license plate number. Need I also get a different plate holder if I'd like to try out this idea?

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder online?

    You can get European licence plates made by Demon Plates. The cool thing is that they do not ask for the usual registration docs and IDs etc that one usually has to provide:

    I am very happy with the excellent quality plates they made for me. I have GB plates in a bright blue Euroflag.

    As for licence plate holders, the front one came with the car. No doubt, you can get that from any EU dealer. As for the rear plate holder, there are plenty of companies online that sell US and European sized number plate frames/holders. I have one on my rear bumper in an aluminium style. Looks great with GT Silver

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder onl

    Thanks, Easy. What looks nice about the demon plates site is the variety of choice available. ...I'll check it out!

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder onl

    So tacky... all the ricers have those...

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder onl

    Not sure about the "ricers," but potential "tackiness" of a euro plate on a US-spec car is a weaker competing thought of mine. For me, the purpose of the plate would be to serve as legitimate ID. I do wonder if a meter maid or officer would issue a ticket for having a non-standard plate. ...Better to have no plate at all in that case!

    ...Are "ricers" still around? Those pimped-out Honda Civics are long gone. ...If I had to guess, I'd say they're the guys now tooling around in their hopped-up 3-series Bimmers??

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder onl

    There are NO acceptable alternatives to the plates issued to you by the state - this is true in every state.

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder onl

    I see sometimes Euro cars around here with Euro front lic plates. Silly, really. I wonder what would happen if stopped by CHP, as it is not a simple equipment violation - it would be seen as a conscious violation of the law, using a foreign plate...

    Re: Where to buy european license plate holder onl

    Didn't Eriksson's wife get arrested in Cali because some of his cars only had euro plates?

    Gave the police enough reason to pull him over and realize the cars were never legally imported and actually still property of banks in Europe.



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