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    Why I love my Cayman S

    My background
    Boxster -> C4 -> C4S (996) -> Cayman S
    Reasonable amount of track time (~moderate driver)
    Done 1,500km now, <3 months old.
    I had sold my 996C4S and my friend lent me her Cayman S for a couple of weeks as she wasn't using it. I loved it. That's when my Cayman affair began. I had ordered a 997TT but was too disappointed when they didn't release PDK. I also felt the car was heavy and passionless when I dove it at Mt. Cotton and all of our group preferred either the Carrera S or the Cayman S over the TT (prior to driving the TT we were biased towards it). I believe manual and slush (auto) boxes are all but dead. What I'm in the queue for next is a GT3 RS - when it comes out with PDK (in 200X). I don't mind waiting. I'll keep that car in NZ, and the Cayman S in Sydney.

    Things I love
    Enough power: I don't know why there's some noise about a so-called lack of it - IMO it's perfect.
    Mid engine - feels so good around corners, almost entices you to push it harder and harder (sounds good behind you). Very hard to make it go sideways.
    Decals (pic below)
    Ideal 'city' car that is good at everything, both on and off track
    I did a motorkhana (autocross) in it a couple of weeks back and it was very impressive (PSM on and off). It beat almost everything there! (5/35) - and there were some nice things there!
    The clutch - feels strong as, especially when upshifting with a few rev's on the dial and letting out it promptly - it does put you firmly in the back of the seat.

    Things I wish I had
    Sport button
    Extra thick steering wheel leather
    NZ style roads in Australia (windy, no cars, no police, safe)

    Nice to haves
    Bi-xenons (I don't drive much at night)
    Rain-sensor (we have a drought so it's not too relevant)

    Things that surprised me
    Small carbon fiber interior package - previously I would say it was a waste of $, not now, it feels great. I would insist having it.

    Things I still hate
    Bose (enough said)

    I don't miss my 4WD, except uphill in the rain. I do love the 2WD experience, feels great, and very interactive. It's a zippy car. It's not the ultimate P-car, but is such a ball to drive. I almost never used my Carrera back seats, and having two boots is super handy. I can see myself being very happy in this car until I replace it with a PDK version of the Cayman S!

    Sports Seats
    Sport Shifter
    Instrument dials Guard red
    19" Carrera Sport Wheels
    3-spoke st/wl smooth
    Front spoiler lip paint
    Bose High End Sound
    Interior carbon pack

    I would love to find a few remote windy roads to drive it on, but the best place for that is on the track. I'll build the km's up and bring it there in a few weeks.

    Re: Why I love my Cayman S


    Re: Why I love my Cayman S

    Nice ride. I play with whether I could live without my boxster's soft top. A CS sure is enticing, but it sure is fun to drive in the mountains (or the track) with the top down!

    Re: Why I love my Cayman S

    Where did you get the graphics that say "Cayman S"?

    Re: Why I love my Cayman S

    At a local graphics shop (in Sydney). This was the second attempt at them becasue the first time around the 996 GT3 RS style was used instead of 997. The dealer arranged it as part of the car purchase deal. I think the cost was about 700 USD. I thought the car looked too plain without them, but most people seem to love / hate them with nothing in between.



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