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    Can anyone translate please

    Can someone translet the jest of the article please.

    Re: Can anyone translate please

    Looks like 0-100kph-0 was 12.5 for the tt, 13.3 for the Z06 (same as the Gallardo). Z06 took 1:27.5 on the road course, the tt 1:30. The Z06 was 0.1 sec faster to 160kph

    Re: Can anyone translate please

    Briefly: They prefer the Corvette. "The TT feels feminine compared to the Z06." "The TT is fast but the Z06 is really evil." They think that the TT is more comfort orientated and suits best for highways while the Z06 suits for track.

    Re: Can anyone translate please

    Ok, I'll give it a try...but please remember that English isn't my first language.

    The test was performed by Automotorsport on the Swedish track called Mantorp. The driver was two time STCC-champion Fredrik Ekblom.

    First they compare the different caracthers of the cars. They conclude that the Porsche is more refined and a better allround car and the Z06 is more of a pure race car. They are very impressed by Porsches turbo engine which is more flexible and gives even more torque than the Z06 in the lower power bands (680 Nm from around 2000 Rpm). But on the track the Z06 is meaner than the Porsche.

    Now Ekblom takes the cars for a lap around Mantorp. The first car out is Porsche.

    Ekblom is impressed by the brakes on the Porsche....but he also says the the tires can't cope with the power from the brakes. Ekblom didn't notice any fade in the brakes. The Porshe is not strong only in the lower also loves high revs. The best lap time for the Porshe is set at 1.30,1. Ekblom was impressed.

    Now over to the Z06.

    Ekblom says that the gear box on the Z06 tested wasn't perfect. So he has problem with the gears. Ekblom is very impressed by the balance of the chassie,the brakes and the suspension that is well tuned for the track. Best lap time with the Z06 is 1.27,5.

    It is now that Ekblom expresses himself with perhaps not poetic but very clear judgement calling the Porsche "feminine" compared to the Z06 and that the "Z06 pisses on the Porsche".

    I think you can understand the test charts so I will not translate them. The Z06 is very much faster than the Porsche around Mantorp.

    For the classic test 0-160-0 Km/h Porsche has the time of 12,5 sec and the Z06 13,3 sec (same as Gallarodo). So a clear win to the Porsche.

    From 0-200 km/h (124 Mph) the Z06 is faster. The Z06 also has a higher top speed than the Porsche. So the win goes to the Z06.

    Re: Can anyone translate please

    Thank you for the translation Congman .



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