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    Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC


    I also attended the Charlotte presentation of the 997.

    I'm just offering an alternative perspective from a future 993 owner(currently in the market)..

    I get the impression that 993 or earlier owners tend to like the 997 while 996 owners tend to not so much..
    I'm thinking its because the 997 looks so much like the 993, which I I fall in that camp.

    I grew up idolizing Porsches up until the 996 came out. To me it was way too bland and the quality just wasn't there as with the 993.

    I thought that the 993 was the pinnacle of Porsche engineering and design.

    Now comes the 997 and the dream for me has returned. I want one of these! Unlike the 996 I couldn't stop looking at it!

    The only thing I don't like about the car is that it still seems to have the same door latching mechanism which doesn't sound as 'solid' as when you close the doors of a 993. That mechanical 'click' or 'thunk' is gone..but at lease the grab handles are back! Though chasis bending stiffness has been increased by a whopping 40% according to the brochure.

    The 19 inch wheels look great in person. They are very 'German' if you know what I mean. If you've ever been to Germany and observe their modern architecture you'll understand..They look purposeful, sturdy, solid..form following function which is what its all about.

    The controversey over the steering wheel and console I just don't get. When has Porsche ever had a great looking steering wheel? Ok maybe the 996 3 spoke was nice!

    The dealer had a black 997S, a silver (looks great but too common around here) 997S (sold) and a seal gray 997 (sold). In my humble opinion seal looks a little bland on the car. I picked up a brochure and there are some great metallic colors that I think would really set off the car nicely. Forest Greeen and Slate gray look awesome as samples.

    Some interesting facts I learned from one of the salesmen there..they are only getting in 8 997's the rest of this year at the dealership (Doesn't mean you can't special order one). Also, Porsche is coming out with and even LOUDER exhaust than currently on the S. Only for the US since there are no decibel restrictions. I thought that interesting.

    I do have 12 pictures. I email christian about the size limitation since they were all shot w/5.0 megapixels. Anyone that can help reduce, let me know. I just got this camera.

    Congrats to those that ordered the 997 you won't be dissapointed! Now I know for sure I will be trading in the 993 in 5-6 years!

    Same door handle as 996

    Nice report Leveraged, thanks.
    Interestingly about the door handles, and as a 993 owner, you will notice that is it also a fluke, just like the fake quad exhaust on the S.
    I was very surprised when I opened the door. The handle still rotates upward, like on the 996, as opposed to you pulling it towards you as the design would suggest.
    I think it is actually exactly the same handle than on the 996 but with a different knob.
    Doens't bother me, nor does the fake pipes, just funny I guess, Porsche thinking they can fool meticulous passionate guys like us. Try again boys!
    Overall the car is very nice. I personally think that Porsche will address all the little criticisms with the MK2. Perfect.

    Re: Same door handle as 996

    On those "only 8 rest of year" don't bet on it. They will do several dealer trades to get that number up, maybe 50%. All you have to do is put down the deposit. Enjoyed the show last night, especially all the eye candy (some with 4 wheels, some not).

    Re: Same door handle as 996

    Great write up - now let's get those pics up!

    Re: Same door handle as 996

    Thanks guys..Eric I agree on the eye candy! Apparently you weren't allowed to 'test drive' them either!

    If you want send me your email addresses I can try to zip each photo to compress the size.

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    Thanks for the report. If you want me to post the pictures, just send them over and I do it for you (including resizing). I have a 3 Mbit DSL line, no problem with large files. .

    I get the impression that 993 or earlier owners tend to like the 997 while 996 owners tend to not so much..
    I'm thinking its because the 997 looks so much like the 993, which I I fall in that camp.

    I get the impression that 996 owners don't like the 997 because a "new sheriff is in town" and not because they don't like it how it looks. I won't forget the reaction of a guy who recently sold his 996 C2 to get a 997 Carrera S in october. When he passed the keys to the sales person, he added "yuck, I'm so happy I'm getting rid of this ugly duckling". I don't agree at all with this reaction, especially the cars after the MY 2002 facelift are looking absolutely great. But of course Porsche built the 996 when they had serious money problems, even if they improved the 996 later on during it's production cycle.

    And I'm afraid 996 owners will have a hard time selling their cars sooner or later as soon as people get "used" to the new Sheriff in town. As I said in an older post, many Porsche dealers worldwide avoid putting the 997 and 996 one next to each other because they're afraid they can't get rid of their 996 showcars anymore.

    This doesn't make the 996 a bad 911, god beware. I owned a 993 and when the 996 showed up, I got one of the first cars. I didn't really like the frontlights and the interior sucked too but the 996 was much faster than the 993 with less effort. And this is why I liked it.

    Don't expect 996 owners to love the 997 because this would mean they have to get rid of their 996 sooner or later.
    I had a pretty serious "dilemma" before I decided to go for the 997 Carrera S. I wanted to wait for the 997 Turbo or maybe the 997 GT3 but the 997 Carrera S really suprised me because I didn't think that a 355 HP car can be so much fun.
    And finally I get the feeling that I got what I paid for, this wasn't the case with the first 996 I bought more than 7 years ago.

    Of course it doesn't make much sense for a 996 owner who just recently bought a car to exchange it with a 997.
    But owners of 3-4 year old cars or older should really think about it. The 997 does a lot of things better than the 996 and it definetely is Porsche's new classy 911 design.

    We'll talk again in 12 months and I bet people will just love this car. Of course this is no poser car and no exotic car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini but it has that certain thing nobody can really explain in plain words.
    It was the same with the 996 Turbo back in 2000 when Porsche introduced the new frontlight design and the widebody. People were at first sceptical but when the first Turbos hit the street, dealers couldn't deliver as many cars as demanded. I won't forget this guy from the US who paid 50000 USD PREMIUM to get a 996 Turbo. CRAZY. Another one paid 30000 premium and as far as I remember, the Turbo was already more than a year on the market when he did. Ouch again.

    I don't think we'll see such high premiums on the 997 but due to limited supply in the first year and especially due to high 997 Carrera S demand (and 1:1 997 vs. 997 S sales planning... ), I think a lot of people will regret that they didn't order or get one when they had the chance to.
    As soon as the 997 hits the streets in the US and even here in Germany (I didn't see ONE SINGLE customer car yet...), people start selling their 993/996 models. Good times for people who are looking for a used 993 or 996, especially next year.

    Regarding the exhaust for the Carrera S you mentioned: Porsche offers soon a sport exhaust for the Carrera S only.
    And it has a switch like the old one to be able to tune down the "noise". Right now three exhaust variants are available for the 997 Carrera S depending on the region the car goes to (based on noise/emissions regulations). I'm not aware of a louder exhaust for the US, it is similar to the exhaust for Germany, if not the same regarding noise.
    The interesting part is: the 997 Carrera S is already pretty loud for a stock Porsche. The Helmholtz Resonator seems not only to work in the 5000-6000 rpm region but sometimes also around 3000 rpm. But maybe I'm wrong and this is just the exhaust setup. The sport exhaust will definetely add a lot of throaty sound to the 997 Carrera S, no doubt about it. I already ordered one and I'll get one of the first in Germany but I'm afraid this won't happen before October.

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    Got my first look at a real 997 yesterday in Walnut Creek, California. They had not yet received their 997S, but it was supposed to be in later that day. Will go down today to see the "s". Obviously Porsche has done a huge amount of detail work on this new car. Nearly flush windows, brake venting, trunk detail, interior nice. It is a very "pretty" car, but it doesn't grab me and shake me upside down until my wallet falls out. Hopefully the 997S will be a little more agressive.

    The 996TT Grabs Me.

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    As you would expect, a lot of the folks who recently got a 996 say they don't like the 997. Those of us who either don't have a 996 or as in my case have an older 996 seem to be more accepting of the 997. When the 996 came out some of the most vocal critics were those people who had a relatively new 993. People without a newer 993 were more pleased with the 996.

    Speaking for myself, I have an older 996 ('99 I got in 1998) and I was waiting for a significant change before I bought another Porsche. My '99 only has 9800 miles on it so it still seems "new".

    The 997 is significantly changed enough for me to want one. I had a '95 993 and loved it. I also have enjoyed the 996, but was looking for some change. While I have some issues with the 997 I think it is a significant improvement over the 996.

    My current plans are to go from a '99 cab guards red/savannah to a '05 997S cab artic silver/black. I have a few months until I can order to continue thinking about colors and accessories.

    I love them all...993/996 & 997. They are all great. If the past is any indication of what will happen in the future, the guys with the newest 996's will eventually get a 997, probably a couple of years from now.

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    RC said:
    As I said in an older post, many Porsche dealers worldwide avoid putting the 997 and 996 one next to each other because they're afraid they can't get rid of their 996 showcars anymore.

    I finally saw the 997 - it was so awesome, he let me sit in it for a while - Those adaptive sport seats are pretty cool.

    About what you said, i think thats absolutely true - When i was looking for the 997 they had the normal carerra out on the patio far away from any 996 Model

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    I saw the Black/Black 997S and Seal Grey 997 at my dealer today. Black just does not do it for me. The Adaptive Sport Seats feel very nice indeed. Glad I added them to my order.

    Here is a lousy photo of the window sticker. I was happy to see the EPA fuel numbers of 19 City/26 Highway. Very optimistic numbers I am sure, but no gas guzzler tax either. There was also an added dealer sticker indicating US$4,000+ adder for "Fair Market Value Adjustment". The car is sold. Glad I ordered mine.

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    DD694 said:
    ... There was also an added dealer sticker indicating US$4,000+ adder for "Fair Market Value Adjustment". The car is sold. Glad I ordered mine.

    What is that? Something like a premium for desired cars, just in other words?

    Re: Also saw the 997 in Charlotte, NC

    It is called greed.



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