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    Audio Problem

    I've had my 997S for a couple of weeks and love it. Just perfect.

    Today I drove down to Washington and several times while listening to a CD, the sound system would spontaneously switch to FM.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?


    PS: When I turn off the audio, the screen blanks. when I turn on any function, e.g. Map or Nav, the screen comes back on but so does the audio. I could swear this wasn't the case when I first got the car. I was at the dealer yesterday and they couldn't tell me how to switch it (back) to a mode where the screen stays on even if I switch off the audio and switching to a new function does not initiate audio if it is off. Help!

    Re: Audio Problem

    oh no its starting again...

    sounds like the typical becker (manufactuer of the system) teething problems...

    of course these things can only be called teething problems if they eventually go away as the model's life progresses.

    however, if you take a look at the 03-> porsches, there have been longstanding problems with the head units/amps/etc.

    my suggestion is to bring this to the attention of the dealer and ask them to replace the amp/ head unit/etc

    Re: Audio Problem

    This could be the "traffic program" feature. I had this same problem in my Ferrari. Turn off the the TP mode. I guess the idea is that it will switch to the radio station that is about to broadcast traffic information in your area. It was driving me nuts until the sales guy told me about it, and that it confuses a lot of people.

    Re: Audio Problem

    yes ray is right ,turn to off ,should solve the problem

    Re: Audio Problem

    Ray G, Heyek,


    Traffic Program was indeed set on (factory default) for FM. I have turned it off and hopefully the problem is gone.

    For any 997 owner: Audio (FM)>Set>Traffic Program. Push to uncheck.

    FYI the station triggers seemed eroniously sent or misinterpreted. Does the US even have this system? The FM stations would just cut in during loud music or jock blather. Not traffic reports!

    Re: Audio Problem

    We have a lot of trouble in London with "pirate" FM stations broadcasting traffic interrupts just to get you to listen to them. They also send website URLs in the station id field and you see them scrolling across your display!! I've long since turned off the TP feature, and only enable it on long motorway journeys.

    Re: Audio Problem

    Lots of interesting radio siginals in the Washington air that we know nothing about.
    Turn off TP

    Re: Audio Problem

    I was wondering why 'Vote for Bush' suddenly appeared on the screen on tuesday!



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