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    Re: Hi from Germany

    Rich , its an animal , bud ....Looks like a right menace on the Autobahn there , very nice ........

    You guys must of had a blast meeting up , I do REALLY wish I was there but the Chrysler Voyager would'nt of kept up , nevermind next time guy's....

    Anyway ,, be good and behave , I also look forward to your coming reports..

    PJ , great pics me oll fruit - thanks....


    Re: Hi from Germany

    beltar said:
    I post it again, when passing through belgium (direction Calais for boat or chunnel)We are eager to meet rennteamers and coffee's ready!

    Thank you for the offer, this time our ferry is quite early (1300hrs Tuesday 3rd October dep from Calais) so we may not have time to meet on the way through.

    I don't know how close you are to the German border, but any excuse to get away from dog walking duties on Sunday 1st October would be welcome..

    Re: Hi from Germany

    You have a pm!

    Re: Hi from Germany

    beltar said:
    You have a pm!

    Many thanks, I've read it - I hope very much we can meet up next April. Just wish we had more time this time.

    We've finished packing, now waiting for taxi to take us to the railway station. Tomorrow's the big day!

    Re: Hi from Germany

    WR said:
    Hey SVNSVN, what is your impression of the Autobahn comparing of freeways in CA, for example, what do you think of the road quality and other drivers on the road, etc.?
    Also, congrad on your new toy on hand

    Now I'm spoiled - California roads for the most part are cr@p compared to the Autobahn. And 70 mph max speed . Most drivers in Germany are much better, more focused and soooo much more courteous than in the US (no real surprises there)

    Thanks all, for the very kind comments!

    Don, I had a "few" Spaten for you!

    Special many thanks to PJ and his lovely wife for their great hospitality in their beautiful city/home! I enjoyed the drive and visit so much. Also, a great time in Berlin!

    Matt, Gnil, Harry and Dr. Phil, sorry we didn't meet up! I wish I had much more time...
    Next time! If/when you visit California, please send me a PM!

    Porsche did everything 1st class and the car was just awesome/incredible!!! I'll try to post my impressions and more pics soon. Thanks again PJ, for posting the pics of our "babies!"

    Now, waiting for the reunion! 5-7 more weeks of waiting?


    Re: Hi from Germany

    You're a lucky man! Congrats

    Re: Hi from Germany

    Ah, Spaten!

    How's this for an idea? Someone buys one of those HUGE military planes they drive all the tanks & jeeps in and fly them all over the world. Clean it out real good and offer to fly back to the US, European delivery vehicles (Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, etc.)? If they were to fill or almost fill the plane, I would think the cost per vehicle wouldn't be that steep and would leave room for a nice profit for the company.
    Of course I have no idea what I'm talking about, just a thought.

    Re: Hi from Germany

    Some time back that was the plan for all Porsches. They built a facility in Reno near the airport with the plan to load up a bunch of freightliner Lufthansa 747-200s (in those days). When they couldn't find a viable cargo to put in them routinely for the trip back it suddenly got too expensive. They just don't make economic sense with one way cargo.




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