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    New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Hey Everyone.....first of all I wanted to thank everyone for all the informative posts....I've been lurking on this site for the last 2 years and appreciate all of the information....I just placed my order for a 997 C4S....specs as follows:

    GT silver metallic
    Black Full leather
    Power Seat Package
    Porsche Crest in Headrest
    Bose with CD changer
    Self Dimming Mirrors
    Carrera Classics
    Colored Crests
    Thicker sports steering wheel
    Chrome tail pipes
    Sports chrono
    Rear Center Consol and door finishers in Aluminum?

    Here's my dilemma.....I can't decide between the aluminum or carbon for the center consol and door finishers....any help would be greatly appreciated? How would carbon fiber with full black interior look. Also am worried about the aluminum center consol holding up with wear and tear...damage from seat belts and adjusting seats.
    Any pics would be greatly appreciated as well. Also, any options that I may have missed?

    Thanks to everyone who has been a great help on this forum.....I spend hours a day on this site and just can't get enough...


    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    I like the carbon fiber but it doesn't show up that well with black interior. I think I'd choose aluminum look with black interior, especially with GT Silver. Nice car. Good luck.

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Carbon over painted plastic any day!

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Why don't you go with black leather for the console and the door finishers? I'd take that over the carbon, I think carbon looks cheap; the aluminum will look classy, but, at the end of the day, it is only painted plastic...

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    I agree with chef ... go with the black leather. Having the carbon glued on is a joke, non structural piece of trim, and very un technical. Painted plastic intended to look like brushed aluminum is almost as bad.

    I also think that the coloured crests are a mistake. I like the monochromatic and understated nature of the standard caps with your colour combo. Otherwise, looks awesome to me!

    Enjoy your car - you'll have a blast!

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    brushed aluminum is painted plastic ? that is sad someone should make the real thing...

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Black leather. A very, very close 2nd choice would be the carbon. Tough call between the 2.
    Aluminum. The interior has enough bright accents, IMO.

    Very nicely optioned!

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Thanks to all for your input....I think I'll go with the leather....

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Nice colour choice! My GT silver C4s cab should be here in a few months! Can't wait to see your pics

    Personally, I would go for the aluminum trims on the doors - it adds a hint of class - and breaks up the monotone interior. I actually ordered the bi-polar interior (black/ grey).

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Personally I like the XME option: 'Rear section of centre console in exterior coluor' ... With your esterior colour and black interior I'm sure will be really nice combination...

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    nice choice!!!

    my opinion..

    Te C2S and C4S already have aluminium trim in the dashboard...

    So adding more will be too much..

    A very nice choce would be to make a COMBO..

    For example, aluminium console to make things a little brighter with Carbon gear knob and handbrake...

    Try to have some bi-tone interior with the combination of carbon-aluminium, you will have an exclusive combo without the cost to Porsche Exclusive program..

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Black is the only color that fits C.F. The higher the performing sports car with Carbon Fiber the greater the chance the interior will not be Tan, Orange, Brown, Grey, blue etc. Race cars have black interiors. C.F. is a high performance designed material when used as more than just for looks will be placed alongside black. Just for looks as in the interior of a 997 carbon fiber looks best when in the company of the proper color- black. If you look at the standard interior of a Challenge Stradale which probably has more exposed C.F. then any other production car and is functional in it's lighweight you will see the majority of the interior is black.

    All that aside b.c the C.F. is just for looks in the 997 I think the nicest center consule is in leather. But only w/ a full leather interior.

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    Black and Alum... to go with the all the standard alum trim the comes with the car... Air vents/Cup Holder cover/Door Handles etc...etc..

    See here...

    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?


    Re: New C4S order.....aluminum or carbon?

    I'm considering leather console with aluminum door finishers. Hey Tooner...Does the aluminum get scraped from seat adjustments or the seat belts?



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