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    I will receive my car soon!!!

    Hello guys! I ordered a couple of months a 997 c4s white with taracota and tiptronic gearbox and it is going to arrive in 3 weeks. Could you please tell me how should i drive it for the first km and how long till i can floor it to see what i bought? Also i would like to buy the porsche silver case with all the care products(wax ,cleaners etc), Is it any good? Please give any kind of advice to a new porsche owner(first time porsche owner) regarding anything you might find usefull. Thanks....

    Re: I will receive my car soon!!!

    Congrats Samy! My 2 cents:

    1) Keep it below about 4000rpm for the first 2000 miles.
    2) Always let the engine oil temperature reach 90 degrees Celsius before you drive spiritedly (This applies both before and after break in is complete). The coolant temperature should reach 'normal' long before your engine oil temp is ready so don't worry about that.
    3) You have a tiptronic so no issue about avoiding Type 2 overrevs (i.e. overrevving which takes you above 7200rpm due to selecting too low a gear).
    4) Take longer trips for the first 2000 miles.
    5) Note that new tyres, brake pads etc all need to wear in for the first 100 miles.
    6) Top up with engine oil in very small quantities so that you don't overfill.

    Most importantly of all, enjoy yourself!!!! But do drive safely remembering that your car is very powerful so respect the limits of your driving ability.

    Have fun!!

    Re: I will receive my car soon!!!

    Congrats Samy and I'm sure you;ll love your car! I was given free the car car products when I picked up my Boxster 6 years ago, and I must say I was dissapointed with it's products particularly the wax. I think there are better stuff out there like Zymol. The case was great though and I've had great use for it(doubles well for a doctor's bag).

    Re: I will receive my car soon!!!

    And what wax do you think is best? In my country there is dificult to find good products. I think i can get 3M product ,formula 1,johnson wax,armour all and i think thats all. Witch is best? I used on my other cars formula 1 but i don't find it very good.

    Re: I will receive my car soon!!!

    I like Swissol products. Swissol is now called Swissvax. Do a search on rennteam for a thread called "Wash 997". That thread is the bible of car cleaning. There is a lot of excellent info on this forum. Just search for what you want.

    Re: I will receive my car soon!!!

    Zymol is sensational, easy to apply a breeze to wipe off , no swirl marks... better than Meguire's IMO.. drawback is the price.



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