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    5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    So today, I had a chance to try out the Cayman S, with the 6 Gear + short shifter, It feels a LOT smoother than my 05Boxster with 5Spd, is that the effects of the short shifter or is it just the gearbox?

    and does anyone know if the 07 Boxster S comes with Continental or M-PS2? cause i think PS2 is a lot better after sliding around with the continental today!

    Re: 5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    I never tested the 5spd myself but I know that the 5spd gearbox is produced by another supplier than the 6spd (I believe it's German Getrag vs. Japanese Ansin) - that may make the difference. Some people think the short-shifter feels a bit notchy when cold - I have the 6spd + Short-Shifter myself and I love it (no complains whatsoever)

    However some Rennteamers commented that the SS will not be available as a factory installed option anymore (so your OPC would have to install it after delivery of the car).

    As for the tires: Porsche uses various suppliers - so it's a random system. If you want to make sure to get the PS-2 you should tell your dealer in advance, so that the factory can ensure to put your choice of tires on the car.
    Unfortunately I forget to tell them when I ordered my car so it came with the Contis. From my own experience I'd say the Contis are favourable in cold and rainy weather, whereas the Michelins provide better grip on dry tarmac (IMO the Michelins on dry tarmac allow higher corner speeds before they start sliding/squeaking compared to the PS-2).

    Seems that you are planning to replace your MY 05 987 with a MY 07 987 S How did you like the 3.4 engine in the demo-Cayman compared to your 2.7 ?

    Re: 5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    I never much cared for the 5 speed in my 987 base and the 6 speed without the short shifter in my S is much smoother. I don't feel that the throws are long, so Nachi, coming from the 5 speed I think you'd be happy with even the unmodified 6 speed. I believe that Aisin Seiki make both the 5 and 6 speed (which is the same as on the 997).

    Re: 5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    Well heres the other side of the coin - i've always found the 5 speeder to be a very sweet change. The 6 speed is OK in warmer weather but is notchy in cold weather, especially into second gear until the transmission oil warms up.

    I find the short shifter on the 987 models too short and very notchy.

    Re: 5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    The short shifter in the 987 and Cayman is quite notchy and not much shorter than the normal one. I find it quite difficult to shift quickly from 2nd to 3rd. After trying the 997 short shift which is so much superior I didn't regret a bit that I didn't opt for the 987 short shift. Probably becoz of the much longer cables to the gearbox, whereas the 997's gearshift is much closer to the actual gearbox.

    Re: 5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    Has something to do with the gearbox manufactuer.

    Re: 5 vs. 6 speed gear box (need input)

    Thankyou so much for the input!
    Actually, I am not a very good driver, Not good enough to notice the power difference between the Cayman S and the 05 Boxster. (i did went up to 7500rpm before shifting tho) I just find myself sliding around all the coner with the contis on Cayman S.
    Maybe the Cayman S hasn't break in yet... or maybe the tires arn't grip enough to feel the boost. It does read 14.6L/100km tho...
    I had 10.1L/100km before I service my car. After service, it runs a lot smoother but now i'm doing 11.5L/100km (14,000km)

    I was thinking of changing to 07 Boxster S mainly due to the gear box ~.~
    I didn't want to wait before, so i just bought the car as-is, I didn't get to pick my options!
    i love those thick sport steering wheel and the short-shifter on the caymanS i tried. It is a lot Smoother than mine!



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