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    Cayenne Turbo S

    I took delivery of my new Bk/Bk cayenne turbo S this weekend. Wow, this truck is scary fast! One question: I have tried now 2 times to initiate the Sirius radio connection but cant seem to get an operator after holding for 15 minutes? Has anyone else had the same problem?

    Re: Cayenne Turbo S

    Congratulations! You will love your truck (except maybe in July and August, when you'll think maybe you should have ordered white - voice of experience). I love my Sirius; and no, I'm not a big Howard fan, - just like their mix of stations. I've only talked to them twice, once when the salesman set mine up at delivery (as yours should have done, if it is factory installed) and once when I converted the free 3-mo subscription to a paid subscription. Wouldn't say I talked to the sharpest crayons in the box, but at least they answered the phone promptly.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo S

    I bought the truck in San Antonio and had to get back to Austin pronto, so he couldnt do it at delivery (my bad for that one). Black cars in Texas: price you pay for looking good! Why dont they offer Sirius in the 997? I have a 2006 C4S and it looks like the same central control unit, but they dont offer satellite. I, too, am not a howard fan - but sure am addicted to radio without commercials and talk!

    Here are some pics, its been rainy and messy since i picked it up on Saturday, but still looks good even dirty!

    Re: Cayenne Turbo S

    I took delivery of my Cayenne Turbo S on February 11 and the vehicle greatly exceeds my expectations; the turbo lag is almost imperceptible relative to the base model.It seems alomost as quick as my 997s. Mine is equipped with XM and I activated service over the internet. The process took about 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy the S as much as I do.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo S

    austin_porsche said:
    Black cars in Texas: price you pay for looking good!

    Beautiful truck. When I moved to TX, I had 3 Charcoal Gray vehicles, as that's my favorite. Within a few years, they all got traded for white vehicles (TX sun and better visibility, as I'd gotten hit by careless drivers three times by then). But for my CT-PK, I went back to the Titanium Gray, which, of course, shows every bit as much dirt as your black.
    Welcome to the forum

    Re: Cayenne Turbo S

    At first I thought you bought a GMC, LOL
    COngratz man!! awesome car:D

    Re: Cayenne Turbo S

    Sweet ride, nice blackout package too. Gotta luv the painted sport techno's.

    For some reason I can see front clear side markers in your future - an inexpensive but worthwhile aesthetic improvement.

    Don't you like the illuminated dorr entry guards - brighter than [censored] eh' with "Cayenne Turbo S" on them.

    The sirius sat issue I have not encountered, I activated mine without a hitch with the operator on one end registering my account.

    Good luck and safe driveing!



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