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    Driving Sensations

    I was wondering,
    I read all the time in the press that the Modena is not as fast as the Turbo but people rate it better for its driving sensations (2WD, Handling, Noise, ...)
    Can you actually have fun in a Turbo, I mean, people criticise the car for being too perfect, for example, can you do power slides, can you shift the tail out, etc.
    I am not enough a good driver to perform all these but I intend to become one.
    Another thing, apparently it is very frustrating when you switch off the PSM to have it back on automatically when you press the brakes, does it spoil the fun?
    And finally, how good is the noise provided by Cargraphic, is it similar to the Modena (I just love that metallic noise), can you feel the 21hp upgrade?
    Thank you.
    Turbo+X50+Cargraphic exhaust, humm, 471 hp, sounds good plus you get 100% reliability.

    Re: Driving Sensations

    Sensations? What sensations? If you are looking for a noisy 2WD car with exciting handling, may I suggest a '87 Toyota Corolla. Driving that thing at 90 mph was one of the scariest experiences in my life. Truly "exciting". It was noisy as hell as well and around 60 mph it would start shaking

    Seriously, you should decide what you want and what you are going to do with the car. Turbo makes going fast easy and safe, both on the street and on the race track. You will learn a lot from this car and in the process you won't kill yourself. Those were my reasons for getting Turbo and not anything else.

    "Can you actually have fun in Turbo?" - Gosh, man, this Monday at Watkins Glen I was able to go through esses flat out, IN RAIN. If that's not fun, I don't know what is ...

    I mean, in a street everyday car, on street tires an average driver like me can be faster than SCCA guys in their race cars on slicks --- I am talking about dry now

    Re: Driving Sensations

    What means perfect ? Yes, the Turbo can be very fast and very fast very easy. This is actually what I like about the Turbo. You can outrun almost any car out there without much effort. Is this something bad ? Well, you decide. Yes, you can do power slides and shift the tail out but why would you want to do that ?
    Yes, the Cargraphic exhaust has that metallic noise but mostly over 3000 rpm, depending on the version. I testdrove a car equipped with the Cargraphic exhaust only and I can't tell if you feel the power upgrade but what you feel for sure is the increased/changed torque figure in the mid range. The PSM comes on again when you press the brakes but turns off again immediately after you release the brakes.
    Regarding the PSM: a lot of people want to have it turned off permanently without even knowing how to drive the Turbo fast with PSM on. This is kind of funny. Seems that some people believe the PSM is anti-masculine.
    Now here's a little secret: if you drive a "clean" line on the track, the PSM hardly comes on. Really ! The PSM can be actually a pretty good indicator how good of a track driver somebody is.
    Ask yourself why in the Formula One, the teams wanted traction control and other similar systems to be legal ?
    A real pro driver will always be faster in a Turbo equipped without PSM but how many of us here are real pro drivers ? Let's be honest.

    Re: Driving Sensations

    Lets separate track driving and street driving for a second here.
    On the street, the Modena is more rigid by a substantial amount than the TT, it also has more direct controls, like clutch (if you're not keen on the F1 tranny) gearchange and helm.Both are good for pretty long trips with the TT having an edge here due to less engine noise and suppler ride.
    Under bad weather conditions you need to be very cautios with the Modena where you have no problems whatsoever on the TT.All in all the feel of the two cars is completely different, the TT is keyed to the asphalt all the time, where the 360 is a lot more adjustable on the throttle and reacts a lot more quickly to driver inputs, this is good if you are a good driver , but requires skills to be driven fast.Effectiveness is the word for the TT, exhilaration is the one for the Modena.

    On the track the TT displays more body roll than the Modena( actually it suprised me to see that body roll on the Modena is almost non existant, just like my GT2) and is a lot less keen to dive for the apex, it makes up for this with superior brakes(although the ones on the Modena are quite impressive too) more traction on exit of slow turns and a little bit more grunt on the straights.
    On fast corners the TT is very stable and displays some mild understeer (very safe and exploitable) where the more racy Modena is also extremely stable but with a more oversteering set up, which makes it more fun but also more challenging.
    The noise is also of another world on the Ferrari.

    So in conclusion: The average driver will with no doubt be quicker in the TT, is the Modena more fun?Yes.

    BTW I think PSM on the TT is the best system of this kind, I agree with RC that if you drive the Turbo like it's meant to be it doesn't intrude too much.

    Re: Driving Sensations

    Thanks Luigi,
    This is really helpful.
    I am definitly keeping the C4C for a while but then the next car will definitly be either a Turbo or a Modena, hence, all the questions.
    Or maybe their successors, who knows, sounds like the modena modificata will arrive prior to the 997 turbo according to RC, anyway, this should be exciting.
    I totally agree with you on the noise contest though, I don't discuss that the turbo is faster, no doubt about that but that noise in the Ferrari is just, well... No words...
    Is that true that the interior finish is that bad though?
    Thanks again guys,



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