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    CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    i ve spoken to Meguiars inporter in Greece today, and he told me that
    From june they will have a Meguiars CLEAR BRA that they will be able to install in the meguiars store
    and their bra will be very resistant and at the same time...

    HALF THE THICKNESS of other brand's clear bra...

    Just some info..

    Re: CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, being half the thickness. After all (for me at least) the FIRST PRIORITY of my clearbra is protection, aesthetic beauty falls further down the list... At the end of the day, when I'm ready to retire my car to my collection, or sell it, what really matters is that I pull off that clear bra and find a factory-fresh front-end underneath.

    Re: CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    you should my nice stoned-hood !!!!!!!!!!

    Re: CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    I haven't liked what I have seen in photos. Never seen clear bra in person (never see Porsches here). Personally, and this obviously is personal preference, I'd rather have a couple of stone chips than what appears to be a bad shot of clear coat with a heavy tape line. I'll repaint mine myself when it gets too chipped to live with, and will do a better job than Porsche's orange peely factory job (O.k,it's not that bad, hardly noticable, but you painters out there know the factory can't match a good DIY job, hand flattened and polished)

    Re: CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    Yea, if you can DIY then I'd forget it too. As matter of fact I didn't bother with the clear bra myself. Everything seems fine with a few touch ups here and there.

    Re: CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    From what I've heard, the supposed meguiar's clear bra is nothing more than the 3m clear bra being branded as Meguiar's. From personal experience, the clear bra is only as good as the installer that does it. IMO, there is no one better than these guys.

    Re: CLEAR BRA from Meguiars

    its AGAIN depends on the conditions you drive.

    driving surface
    in tonwn vs out town roads..



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