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    Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    I read various posts about break-in procedures with all types of opinions. The opinions were varied. I read about "drive it like you stole it" and also the owners who followed the recommended break-in procedure. Then there are some who drive easy for 100 and then progressivly drive harder working their way up to redline.

    I also read about how some owners describe having to add oil and those who do not have to add any oil.

    I am about half into my break-in procedure (1000 mi). My oil level is fine and I have not had to add any oil. I have kept my rpms below 4200. Is there a connection here? I am thinking that I may be one of the "few" who do not have oil burning engines.

    I am wondering if the owners who pamper their cars at breakin find themselves using less or no oil compared to the owners who "wind up the rpms leaving the dealer"?

    Re: Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    Read this from undisputed Porsche/997 technical expert Bruce Anderson of "Excellence" magazine.

    Yeah, you might burn more oil _during breakin_ depending how you drive BUT it has nothing to do with long term behavior of the engine.

    Re: Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    I answered no oil consumption with moderate break in. Your poll only differentiates between no oil and more than a quart.

    The manuel states you should expect to add 200 ml about every 600 mi. One bar on the oil gauge is eqivalent to 200ml. Its suprising how sensisitve the sensor is considering the overall oil capacity.

    I actually put in about 250 ml at around 1600 mi.

    Re: Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    Added 300ml at about 1300 miles.

    Re: Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    I had to add more than two quarts to my 911S during the first 5,392 miles, and I was moderate in my driving habits, trying not to rev over 4,200 (although I did it a couple of times - up to about 5,200 rpm - for very short intervals). I had the oil and filter changed at that point (5,392 miles), and since then (I now have nearly 7,000 miles on the car), I have not had any additional oil consumption.

    I also saw the note in "Excellence" about the break-in procedures, and I think it makes the most sense. After the first 500 miles, drive it like you want to drive it and the break-in will take care of itself.


    Re: Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    Can I add a caution, my two 997s' have been run in exactly as Porsche recommends,(I am too scared to do anything else), but the oil consumption of the first was much much higher than the second which hardly uses any oil at all. The method of running in may not be the most significant reason for an engine using oil during its lifetime.

    Re: Oil consumption versus break-in procedue

    I drive mine like I have driven all my Porsches,--if in a hurry, I run it to redline in all the gears. I shift just as I'm hitting 7 grand. I am using about a quart every 1000 miles. I have a bit over 10,000 miles on it now.




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