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    Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Has anyone ever installed a widebody or turbo-look body kit on his 996? I mean especially the rear part with the wider wings and the modified rear lights.

    I would like to know what the main obstacles, i.e. problems were while installing the body kit.

    I already converted the front of my C2 to a C4S/turbo-look and I now consider updating the rear end.

    To my understanding, I would need the following parts:
    - wider rear wings
    - GT2/turbo/C4S rear bumper
    - GT2/turbo/C4S tail lights
    - new deck lid (GT2, turbo or C4S)
    - wider rear rims (11", instead of 10" turbo2 look)
    - and a couple of small mounting parts etc.

    Anything I forgot? Do I need spacers for the rear wheels?

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    There is a member here that just made this upgrade, check ou this thread

    Are the front wings of the Carrera 4S different from the Carrera 2? Both 02 models. I know the lights are the same and the bumpers are different and to my eye the wings loo thesame, am I wrong?


    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Fortunately, the front wings from the C2 are the same as the front wings of the C4S.

    I've already sent that guy who did the other widebody conversion you were pointing at 2 private messages, but he appears to have vanished.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Can you post some pics of your car?

    Did the C4S bumper was a bolt on upgrade, or did you have to make some adjustments to fit the bumper properly?


    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    J.Seven said:
    Can you post some pics of your car?

    Did the C4S bumper was a bolt on upgrade, or did you have to make some adjustments to fit the bumper properly?


    I will have to take some new pics of my car, since I did so many updates in the past couple of months. But from the front you wouldn't be able to tell a difference between a regular 996 turbo and my C2. It looks _exactly_ the same.

    The front bumper was pretty much bolt on, but the air ducts needed some "manual" adjustments. Still, everything looks like factory made. I will post some pics next week.

    Here's another 996 with the turbo front bumper on:

    It's not my car... but my car looks pretty much the same. I don't have the GT3 sideskirts on mine though, but the RUF turbo sideskirts.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Please add ".jpg" to the link above to see the image. Forgot that. Sorry...

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Martin JS, are you referring to a TT/C4S rear bumper on a 996 narrowbody? If so, I have done the conversion...both the front and the back. Front was a no-brainer, but I did add some mesh grilles rather than the factory black plastic ones. For the rear bumper I used a factory TT rear bumper that I bought from Gert at The TT rear is about 2/5" larger than the narrowbody rear bumper, but it fits very well with a little effort. You need the bumper cover of course; a new heat shield; different "eyebrows" ; different exhaust tips; and some kind of conversion kit or modification that will change the direction of the exhaust because the openings in the TT bumper are about 9" closer together (4.5 inches on either side of the car. I believe Gert has all the parts, and I also believe TechArt has the necessary piping to re-route the exhaust. Email me if you would like any more information.

    There are a couple of suppliers that offer the rear TT bumper in fiberglass, but I wanted the factory poly bumper.

    I've got high res pics if you want to see any more detail.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Hi Don...

    no, I already installed the TT front- and rear bumper on my 996, too. I consider going for a _real_ widebody for the rear wings, but I am unsure whether it's really worth the effort.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Oops...sorry I misunderstood. You know what would look good on your C4S reflector strip.... the PORSCHE lettering

    PS: you could put the Carrera rear spoiler on like I have. Then you don't have to change your decklid.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    btw.: I am currently playing around with a spare deck lid, where I try to put the reflector strip _into_ the deck lid and not on it.

    Yea, the Porsche lettering might look nice on it. Where did you get your letters from? They look really cool

    On some other pictures of your car, I saw that you once had the reflector on your convertible, too. What didn't you like about it?

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Yeah, I bought the red strip (can't remember the company). Before actually attaching it I just took some scotch tape and taped it so I could "eyeball" it. Only thing that bothered me was the fact that the red didn't really match the tail lights. Maybe that was accentuated on a silver car because yours looks great. Maybe 'cause it's darker. Anyway I returned it and got my money back.

    Re the lettering... on pre 1974 911s the word PORSCHE in individual letters was stretched across the bottom of the engine cover. Those were individual letters and each had stems on them along with fasteners so they attached thru the decklid. What I did was spray the letters with AS paint + clearcoat; cut off the stems on the back, filed the back sides flat, put 3M 2way tape on the backs; carefully took measurements and just stuck them on the car. It's kind of unique look. I know of only one other person who has done that. Hey, taste is relative. I like your "clean" look as well.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    doncapecod said:
    What I did was spray the letters with AS paint + clearcoat; cut off the stems on the back, filed the back sides flat, put 3M 2way tape on the backs; carefully took measurements and just stuck them on the car.

    LOL... I thought I was the only maniac when it comes to fiddle with details like that... Before I had the red reflector on my deck lid I had a customized "Carrera S" lettering on the back of my car.

    The magnesium colored "Carrera" came from a C4 and the "S" came from a Cayenne S, because the Boxster's "S" didn't fit the color of the magnesium colored Carrera signet.

    Anyway, if I could order a set of letters to form the word "P O R S C H E" as it is on your deck lid, I would probably order it and install it instead of my reflector. Anyhow,... I'll go on experimenting with getting the reflector "into" the deck lid... that'll make the best look for me at the end (or so I hope).

    ...or maybe at some day I'll go for the full wide body look and install the C4S deck lid, which I prefer even over the turbo rear wing.

    Re: Widebody / Turbo-Look for C2

    Your looking for something like this...
    I have no details about this car....
    Just a pic..



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