Has anyone upgraded the OEM flywheel and clutch assembly on a 997S with the Evolution MotorSports clutch upgrade (level 2) and CNC machined aluminum flywheel (http://www.evoms.com/marketplace/ViewProduct.asp?Now=5%2F6%2F2007+8%3A54%3A20+AM&ProductID=%7B70EC7699%2D0CB4%2D4957%2D935D%2DDE52BCECB618%7D&OrgID=%7BCA5E16BC%2DD877%2D4137%2D8237%2D7EB9084DD3D8%7D&ParentID=%7B857F705D%2D7989%2D4128%2DB772%2D23CD0F56E553%7D&Curr=%7B857F705D%2D7989%2D4128%2DB772%2D23CD0F56E553%7D)? According to specs the OEM is 28lbs and theirs is 12lbs. They state that the weight reduction allows the motor to rev quicker for better acceleration and incredible throttle response. Any pros or cons to changing out? What is the biggest drawback?