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    987S Car Care???

    Just picked up the 987s yesterday at Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach, FL. Of all things that could happen, a huge car chase with police and a bank robber happened right after my arrival at the dealership.Police took the robber down in the parking lot. It was definitely interesting for my delivery. Anyway, All I have to say is this car kicks the butt of my former M3. Much more soul to this car. Anyway, everyone here has been great helping with questions. I have some more. What is the recommended break-in period for the car and what products to people use for the following:

    wheel cleaner
    car wash solution
    convertible top - How often do i need to treat this and how should I clean it when washing the car weekly?


    Re: 987S Car Care???

    Congratulations on your new baby (pictures, please)! Sounds like you had an eventful collection.

    My OPC recommended NOT to wash the soft top everytime you wash the car, only when it gets overly dirty. When you do, don't use a high pressure spray, sponge with fresh water and dry following the weave of the material. The only exception being bird sh$t, which should be washed off immediately, the same applies to paintwork.

    With regard to car care, shampoo, wax, leather feeding, glass, tyre treatment and wheel cleaner you can't go wrong with the Zymol range, which is an American product so you should have no trouble obtaining. Avoid acid based wheel cleaners at all costs!

    With regard to break in, go by the manual's recommendations, then you can't go wrong. Above all NEVER labour the engine (low speed, high gear), or use max loud pedal for the first 1,500 miles, building up gradually after that. Maximum self discipline! Common sense stuff, really. Watch oil consumption in the first 1,000 miles or so, mine was quite heavy, used 1.5 litres in that period then settled down to very low oil consumption. Make sure car is on level ground when monitoring the electronic dipstick as it is very sensitive and any gradient makes a big difference to its read out. When topping up, stay with Mobil 1, put max 0.5 litres in at a time, even if the electronic dipstick indicates it is at the minimum level, then wait a few minutes and check level before putting more in, easy to overfill!



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