What a funny debate... indecision

If I may add my personal point of view, both drivers, Alonso and Vettel, overstepped the mark with their respective maneuvers with the slight difference that Vettel definitely did not leave room for another car beside him. On the other hand, he wasn´t able to predict whether Alonso would leave enough room for him last year. No matter whether rules explicitly forbid such actions or not, Vettel was in for quite some ride.

Regarding this year´s performances, the current tire spec seems to have a very narrow performance field. Obviously one needs a lot of factors to come together to be really quick and, in my opinion, that explains why every driver has very changing performances over the course of the year. That accounts for Hamilton or Button just as much as for Webber or Vettel. Even if Alonso has extracted a lot out of his current car, he has shown the same change of performance to a certain degree. It is also not only applicable to the top drivers but throughout the field. On some occasions, drivers such as Perez or Raikkoenen are able to show stunning performances, on others they are part of the midfield.

Raikkonen is a top driver. Andrea Stella of Ferrari, who is now Alonso's race engineer, said that when things go his way, he is the absolutely quickest guy on the field. He just needs the car set up in a certain way, and of course a good car that is.