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    Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    OK, I found out that despite being promised both verbally and in an email that I had the freebee Experience Day booked, apparently I am not entitled to go as I didn't buy my car from new.

    SO, I have been looking at these two PDE events:

    Precision: (Pounds470 for 4 hours)
    Performance: (Pounds650 for 6 hours incl lunch)

    I have got a quote for insurance with 'T L Clowes' Insurance firm who PDE recommended (tel: Chris on 01159416146) - just under Pounds200 for the day with Pounds7500 excess. This includes a 50% insurance discount for PDE days with them. Would be Pounds120 if I wanted to cover the car for only Pounds35k worth of damages.

    Anyway, so now I just have to work out which one of the 2 courses I should go on. Any recommendations between the two?



    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    Sorry about that Alex!

    I'd assumed the insurance cover was included in the freebee Experience Day, is that correct?

    I suppose that as you use your own car (or rent one) for the further events that insurance does then become an issue.
    I remember reading somewhere that Porsche Insurance could cover some track activities (PCGB events etc) they may be able to help if you're insured through them.

    I'd go for the Level 1 Performance for starters I think.

    Enjoy whatever you do for, I've got the freebee next Tuesday.

    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    You'd do well to call John Cave at

    I've recently done a full days driving one to one in Oxfordshire and it was a fantastic day, so much so that i think it'll become an annual thing to hone my driving skills.

    Very relaxed, tailored to what you want.If you fancy a day just doing skid pan , high speed bowl and handling track circuit work then John has access to the testing ground at Prodrive too.

    I know several people who've done days with John and all have nothing but praise.

    the best Pounds260 i've ever spent on a car !

    Track training days are great for practicising track driving, but tell you nothing about roadcraft.

    I haven't done the Porsche days myself but from a friends description of the Cayman buyers course it was focussed as much on the cars abilities and demonstrating its safety systems, than actual driver training.

    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    Masterclass are very good too. Mostly road but a bit of track for the high speed and high slip stuff but again, they will tailor it to your needs.

    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    Hey guys

    Got my 'Precision' PDE day booked for tomorrow at Millbrook UK!

    Really looking forward to it, especially as my retro-fit on my new Short-Shifter is ready in about an hour for me to pick up!!

    The day is apparently tailored on request with your own private instructor (in my own car), 3 hours on the public roads and 1 hour on the track (which I will try to stretch - especially as I've paid for a whole track day insurance!)

    So, any suggestions on things I should ask for my instructor to cover?

    The only thing really on my list currently is dealing with under and over-steer. That and power-slides in Sport mode


    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    You're a brave man taking your own car on the track. I did the Palmer Sport day a few weeks ago (as a complete track novice), and managed to spin one of their track-prepared 996s twice (primarily due to lift-off oversteer, and a degree of crapness on my part!). OK - the Palmer Sport cars don't have PSM enabled, but even so I'd watch it. I had a real issue with getting the balance right between accelerating out of the corners (so that the weight shifts back over the rear to improve traction), and then not loosing my nerve on the way out! As soon as you bottle it, you spin!

    The PalmerSport day is quite interesting however since none of the seven cars exhibits the same handling characteristics. As you're doing so few laps in each, you're always changing driving style - at least you won't have that problem. The biggest surprise however was how well the 350Z handles - that car is way better than you'd give it credit for. If it's power slides you're into...

    Enjoy yourself!


    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    What did you think?

    Were you a bit disappointed (As it doesn't exactly match with the description that the brochures give).

    There wasn't really too much tailoring involed, as they have a set agenda which must be covered in the cars. (as you now know!)

    I did the performance day on Wednesday last week. Thats at Mira. That was far more fun (but again, not really tailored to you, as again it is a fixed agenda which gives little time for precise tailoring!)


    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    What a fun day!

    Today I had my PDE Precision day at the Millbrook Prooving Ground. Highlights of the day included:

    - Playing extensively with my new Short-Shifter on my car. I got to really test it out on the country back-roads on way there and back from the day (2 hour drive each way).
    - PDE: On road safety tutelage for my 997 (3 hours)
    - PDE (extra): New Turbo test drive (30 mins)
    - PDE: Track fun (1.5 hours) - whole place pretty much to myself!
    >> Alpine route (3rd gear all way round windy hill climb/descent circuit - good torque!)
    >> Mile straight
    ----- Max speed (got up to 143mph before having to break)
    ----- Emergency break test 30mph (stops in a cars length!)
    ----- Emergency break test 60mph (no hands!)
    ----- Emergency break test 70mph with double lane change during breaking
    >> High speed bowl (constant 130mph in highest bank)
    >> Skid pad (50mph straight followed by self induced sharp right turn and lift of throttle to invoke spin... Normal mode + Sport mode + PSE off mode)
    >> Got to see all the latest new unreleased cars being tested at the facility (Lotus' / Jags / Astons / Chevs / unknown!)

    Overall I learnt a tonne of new stuff from the VERY experienced 1-to-1 tutor I had for the day. Big thanks to Mike if he reads this (I recommended he starts reading Rennteam if he wants to get the latest Porsche info way before his official grape-vine!)

    A thoroughly recommended PDE!!

    First impressions of the Turbo are that it is VERY easy to drive; the clutch for example is MUCH lighter than in my 997C2S. Driving round town (when the 2 turbos aren't being used it's like driving a normal run-around car!). The manual gets through the gears VERY quickly though upon hard acceleration so although I'm not really a big fan of Tiptronic I think this is probably a must have option for this car. Otherwise you constantly spend your time hitting the limiter and looking silly. The acceleration wasn't anywhere near as scary as I had expected. It's fast, but very controllable especially the way the whole car seems to hunker down into the road when you hit the throttle. That was def my favourite feature, the Turbo seems to handle acceleration MUCH more confidently than my C2S. The exhaust noise wasn't at all off putting. It's just like driving a normal Turbo car. Obviously that's one of the BIG plus of my C2S though, it's glorious PSE. So I would definitely miss that if I made the change one day. The Turbo is not really a posing car like my C2S Cab (with my PSE hack-always-on); to me it just seemed like a real non-nonsense driver's car. Last note: Cobalt Blue (like on Fifth Gear) is def my next colour!

    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    You must had a great experienced, thx for the report.

    Re: Porsche Driving Experience - UK

    Thanks, Alex, you just reminded me that I need to book mine. Forgot all about it! Glad you had a great day.



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