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    This site will make you cry

    hope this isn't a repost...

    look on the left of the page, for the list of all the wrecked cars they have

    Re: This site will make you cry

    mine is there !!!!

    Re: This site will make you cry

    Old site but morbidly refreshing.

    Re: This site will make you cry

    jecey said:
    mine is there !!!!

    You let your friend barrow your GT3 in the rain

    Re: This site will make you cry

    Oh, no, did I miss something? this black one is your GT3 jecey??

    Re: This site will make you cry

    no, the silver one, with plates GT-003 ...

    Re: This site will make you cry

    Oh no, now I recognise the roll bar I remember you talked about, thats an even worse crash but really glad you are OK. This can happen to anyone of us and there is a fine line between coming out of it on your own feet or on your back.

    What happens to the car now, looks totalled

    Re: This site will make you cry

    Now I am going to have nightmares!

    Re: This site will make you cry

    the totalled of course, and the insurance company took it over. According to what I know some offers were made for the car. The final price was 25000 euro ... only rumours from my insurance company. Everybody here is guessing the car will be used not for parts, not be repaired, but for papers ... if you know what I mean.
    After that, I was prompt to sell the RS because I don't really trust in "row cars" anymore. I need PSM or traction control, or whatever system who will help you in the moment you need (especialy when you don't expect a bad movement of the car). After all, as you may know, I ordered a F430 who will arrive in november, full equiped with traction control, esp, e-dif, all ... for bad drivers like me.

    Re: This site will make you cry

    Personally I'm with you jecey, I believe that for the street a system like PSM is essential if you want to enjoy the car fully in the street, it hardly limits you on the street and even on the track, with its semi-OFF mode. And the advantages are obvious, it won't defy phisics but its sure proven to reduce accidents, and no matter how good you are of a driver you can always misinterpret thye grip at a curve, or be surprised by an obsticle or another driver's manuever, or simply make a mistake as well all do. It doesn't have anything to do with good or bad driver. This can happen to anyone like I said before, wether you are a profesional racecar driver or a normal driver like me.

    A personaly story about this.
    A couple of years I almost lost it once coming out of a left curve coming out wide open throttle in third gear in the rain. Going out on a weekend trip on what is regarded as one of the most dangerous highways parts of europe due to its curves and the number of accidents there.

    I was overtaking cars in the left lane driving spiritedly enjoying the car in the rain, and a car (at much lower speed than I) from the right lane jumps without looking or signalling into my lane and blocked my lane, my exit of the curve (I was hard acceleration out of the corner in 3rd gear so at about 100-150km/h) and had to suddently lift the throttle in the bend under the rain knowing what that would do the rear of the 911 in such circumstances, or otherwise collide against his rear and get trapped in a chain of accidents by the other cars on the road. So sure enough the car went into oversteer so I tried instinctivley to control it and PSM jumped in to help, and the car came into control fortunately. I walked away from it with just a scare and a reprimand from my wife (passenger) for driving that fast in the rain allowing little room for maneuvering in case something comes up like that car jumping in front (she is right but its in my nature).

    I don't think I may have been able to control it at that speed under the rain with so little room without the help of PSM, I don't know, but I'm glad its there, if it were a GT3 I may not be. Before I had it I never missed electronic stability systems in my previous cars, but nowadays I will never buy a car without electronic stability controls, its something you don't realise you need or its advantage until its too late

    Re: This site will make you cry

    exactly ! You got my point.

    Re: This site will make you cry

    jecey said:
    ...the car will be used not for parts, not be repaired, but for papers ... if you know what I mean.

    You are not saying the "car" is going to Russia afterwards, is it..?

    You can be definately lucky to escape that tree! I guess you realized that! I'd say you ahve at least 1 1/2 birthdays each year!



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