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    black color before/after


     When i purchased my car i got complementary paint protection "Pro-tech" and i received a box of car care products .

    i didn't really took care of my car and started taking it to car wash till i saw the paint starting to fade and scratches started to show Smiley

    i took my car back to Protech and left it for 3 hours . i recieved it looking better than new no kidding Smiley

    here before and after photos Smiley




    Re: black color before/after

    Paint correction company's are a wonderful addition for car lovers, well worth the pay out, it looks fab..



    "I didn't do it"

    Re: black color before/after

    I am a HUGE fan of pro-tech.  I cover all my cars, whether they are Porsches or not, with pro-tech.  Also, I do a 'top-up' every year - well worth the money!


    Re: black color before/after

    Is there a U.S. based company that offers that ?  Is this a product or a service ?

    Happy Driving

    Re: black color before/after

    I am glad that you have had a good experience with Protech.

    I received the "protection" as a freebie as I refused to pay the c.$820 when I took delivery of my car. After a week, i noticed that the paint work was rather rough with some industrial fall out in the finish.  There was also polish residue on some of the rubbers, not too mention spider webs on most panels. Beading was average. I ended up claying my car myself and taking it to a local detail place that uses Megs products and had 3 different layers done for about $140.  I now use Megs NXT wax twice a month and the lustre is amazing.  Not sure what I am going to do when the weather turns though. 

    Needless to say, I am remain a sceptic.

    Re: black color before/after

    Liquid, I was expecting your post!!  We have always agreed to disagree on our pro-tech treatments!  Since your car was not returned in good condition, I don't blame you for being a sceptic.

    But I have now done 4 cars with them, and every time the finish has been fantastic.  The best part is that I don't ever need to polish my cars and the only maintenance I do is to wash the car once a month (more like once in 3 months!) using their prescribed method and with their products (given free after the treatment), and top up the layer once a year.  Oh, and no chemicals including shampoos during regular washing - only water.

    Yes, the minute spider-web swirls do come up eventually (these swirls are so minute that unless the car is in direct sunlight, you can't see them) but they vanish completely after washing the car using their products.   

    @Ron - the company is (apparently) from Monaco, Monte Carlo.  The website is

    I am not affiliated with them in any way!! 


    Re: black color before/after

    Arshad i can tell from your photo that you have protection because other wise burgundy looks burgundy , but in your case it's bur-candy  

    really beautiful color Arshad .

    Re: black color before/after

    Thanks for the compliments, 996AD!   The pic was taken when the car was new (june 09) but the paint and colour are in exactly the same condition today, thanks to Pro-tech!  I don't regret my decision to get the Ruby Red colour - it looks different under different lighting conditions, which I love!

    Regarding your car, the results are fantastic!!  It looks like all the swirl marks / fading were on the coating, and not the paint.  Your car must now be looking fab!  Remember now that if you go to a car wash, go for the manual wash instead of the automatic, and use the pro-tech products.

    Incidentally, did you come for the track days at Yas Island?  Both Liquid & I were there both times!



    Re: black color before/after

    Great effect!

    I have Reflex on my cars which is a special protection wax. Very effective!

    Further on, I only go to soft wash, means textile car wash. The scenario of the 1st picture I don't cat anymore with my cars. All cars look like your second picture!

    I can highly recommend Reflex as well textile soft wash!


    Re: black color before/after

    yes Arshad of course the scratchs were on the coating not body im really glad Smiley but now I wash it at home twice a week probably , some times i leave it dirty it doesn't really matter . but never go to car wash for one reason because they use dirty clothes which some times hold dirt and causes the small skratches that your eyes can't see, after many washes the water residues sticks in those scratches which causes the car to loose its smooth shine .

    i prefer to wash it at home using pressure water and then wipe it with that yellow cloth really slowly and with out pressure from your hand,  just lay it flat and swipe with out pushing it takes more time but it's the only way to keep a black color helthy .

    at pro-tech they have some other products that makes the car really glossy if you have special occasion .

    by the way , how can i get an update about the events for the track ?


    Re: black color before/after

    Ron I don't really know if there is anything like this in USA but if you go to dealers they can provide you with services like this .

    i met a guy here from my town who went to USA just to study about paint coating and he says that they use 7 layers of different products to keep the paint protected and shiny and incase you loose the shine it will only be on the top layer and you can buff it and protect it again . at least better than loosing the original color. 

    but this one im using was really really better than brand new clolor , it's really glossy and people complement me every where i go specially on black color it really shows Smiley

    i will take more photos of my car later Smiley

    Re: black color before/after

    996AD, if you're a member of the Porsche Club UAE, you should get SMS's to inform you of upcoming events.  In case you don't get these updates, you can check out and then click on 'events calendar'.  You can then register through the same website.




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