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    Beware of Vividracing

    I ordered wheels and tires package from Vividracing on Oct. 10 and was told it would take 5-7 weeks. I didn't get it until 10 1/2 weeks later on Friday Dec. 22. The next day I go to install it on my car to discover one wheel was damage. Send out an email to Dan(Vividracing) that day to let him know of the problem.

    On Tuesday Dec.26 Dan say he would talk to iforged and make thing right. At this point I'm glad that they are taking care of business. However I didn't hear anything from vividracing as to what is going on.

    So I call them on Tuesday Jan. 2 to see what is going on. Now I am told by Aaron(Vividracing) that FedEx was going to be picking up my wheel on Wednesday to be send to iforged for repair. And I should have it back within three weeks.

    Wednesday and no FedEx pick up. Send out an email to Dan that night to let him know that I am very disappointed.

    The next day, Thursday, I call Dan up and he told me that they are making some office changes and he no longer handle this part of the business. He will have the new President, Brett I think his name is, give me a call cause he's out to lunch right now. No call that day or the following day.

    Send out an email to Dan on Jan.8 that no one from his company get back to me yet. As of now I'm still waiting for a call.

    Don't make the same mistake I did unless you want to wait forever for your wheels.
    2006 Range Rover

    Re: Beware of Vividracing

    If you received you wheel and tire package damaged, I believe they should replace them with a new one, not repairing it. Talk them if they don't take care of it immediately, you will reverse the credit card charge for the wheels package (assume you paid for it by credit card) and return the wheel at their expenses. Good luck.

    Re: Beware of Vividracing

    If you paid with a credit card then contact the credit card company. They will take back any monies sent to them. I would believe a transaction such as that may just be the catalyst necessary to have progress made by them to remedy your situation.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Re: Beware of Vividracing

    Vivid? Aren't they the porn people?(not that I'd know ) They should stick to that...

    J/K hope you get it sorted out.

    Re: Beware of Vividracing

    Call the credit card company immediately and ask them to start an inquiry into the transaction. this way they don't get paid by the credit card company until the issue is resolved, it adds incentive for " vivid " if they are legit to take care of the problem right away.

    Re: Beware of Vividracing

    I am happy to report that Vivid are stepping up to the plate and working to get everything square away. Thanks for all you support.



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