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    Tiff Needell driving the Enzo, and Pagani vs Murci videos

    Here's the link:;action=display;num=1039998786


    Re: Tiff Needell driving the Enzo, and Pagani vs Murci videos

    Thanks, Luigi, those videos were fantastic, especially the Pagani!! Thank God I have broadband internet access.

    Happy Motoring

    Re: Tiff Needell driving the Enzo, and Pagani vs Murci videos


    thanks for the links! awesome -- the brits really know how to present cars on TV!! love the purple murcielago... reminds me of the special edition diablo from the jamiroquai video "cosmic girl"

    actually the boss of a computer games company i once visited in scotland owned (or still owns -- i don't know) the same diablo -- i sat on the codrivers seat back then. awesome, that experience kind of started my love for sports cars.

    cheers; zz

    Tiff is my favorite car tester

    I wish Tiff Needell would testdrive the cars for us and write the reports incl. pics and videos.

    I'd never forget his 996 Turbo testride, I watched it at least 1000 times.

    Tiff gives good sports car.

    1000 times!!!!

    I'm sure that even beats my total.

    Tiff is excellent. He really puts his emotions into it. With the Enzo you can see that he is just about having an orgasm. The same was true for the McLaren.

    Who says cars aren't better than sex?


    Re: Tiff gives good sports car.

    Funny you should say that... I had the exact same thought listening to Tiff on the McClaren video. Perhaps even a little bit of fear mixed with pleasure at being on the hairy edge... The only non-car thing I can compare to this is downhill racing... Good thing the video didn't show the mess he made in his pants!

    Re: Tiff gives good sports car.

    Tiff is simply awesome!
    His driving ability is just incredible, and I really like the way he presents the cars, full of enthusiasm and true passion.

    I'm really curious as of who the Stig might be, someone mentioned it could well be Damon Hill!?
    His driving skills are certainly uncommon...

    The Stig

    Me too,
    I am very cuirous as to who the Stig might be.
    You have to have big b..... to thrash the Vanquish like he did on the track, I love Top Gear, and Clarkson cynicism
    Don't think the Modena belongs to the "uncool" board though
    Stig was only one second faster on the track with the 575 compared to the Vanquish
    Saw a Vanquish again this WE on the King's road (of course where else ) What a noise!!!



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