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    Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    the rumoured special edition boxster is a reality and will be presented at the detroit show in january 2004 and reach the showrooms in march. it will get a 6 HP power increase to 266 HP, the CGT-silver paint (like the "40 Years" carrera) and some interior specials. in germany the price will be approx 9,000 EUR more than a regular boxster S.

    please check the german-language information and the according photo gallery here:

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    Porsche says it gets a short shift and heated sports seats. The only real "cost" options are tiptronic, Bose and a CD Changer. You can get Cruise control and PCM too. The base price in US$ is $59,900. For a Boxster S w/ some upgrades it looks like it cost about $3000-$4000 dolllars more than the average S on the lot. Not too bad considering how much more expensive the 40th Anniversary 911 is over a standard coupe.

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"


    the offer is ridiculous ... a plus of just 6 HP and no better torque ... that's not the way to push boxster sales ?!?!

    I get really pi**ed while reading the marketing "blabla".

    Hopefully BMW launches a M-Series of the Z4 ... I am so fed up with this policy


    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    Just another last resort by Porsche to milk those people that don't know what the hell is the 50 yr anniversary for

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    All needed infos and high quality pictures HERE on!

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    hey "Rookie"

    What's rediculous is you complaining. The new 987 will be here soon and will have more power. This is simply a way to extend Boxster sales until the new 987 arrives. The Boxster has been losing momentum since the beginning of the year, so it's a good move to temporarily boost sales and have something that is quite unique.

    I applaud Porsche for this.

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    Hey "swilsonator",

    the all new 987 will have approx. 275 HP ... and will not sell ... i would take a bet on that ?!?!

    And ... talking about "uniqeness" just take a look at the sellings of the 996 (40 years 911) model ... our dealers have a hard time selling them ... because most of their customers are not fascinated too much by a plain anniversary sticker.

    But as long as there are marketing victims/addicts like you seem to be one ... there might be hope for Porsche ?!

    Most Boxster enthusiasts i know are absolutely disappointed ... and would not buy a 987 top version with 275 HP ... lacking any technical innovation like DSG etc. ... while at the same time Mercedes is showing an AMG SLK aspired by a powerful V8 producing 350-400 HP ... BMW might introduce a Z4 M-Series with optional SMG ... Audi launching a new TT with DSG ... and japanese manufacturers coming along with cars like the 350Z ... STRANGE WORLD

    And i still think the Boxster Anniversary Model ... is ridiculous ... sorry


    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    Porsche will never put the 911 sales in jeopardy by upping the Boxster HP without doing the same on the 911 side. I agree that the Boxster could always use more power.

    But your analogy of putting the SMG in the Z4 is funny. Using a technology they already have and just putting it in the MZ4? Yeah that's a lot of change.

    If you look model year to model year, not a whole lot changes, in general, with Porsches. Its clientele are used to subtle changes. Look at the overall shape of the 911 since its introduction - basically the same. The Boxster will not change very much either with the 987. And technology will be added when it's affordable and/or they believe customers will pay for it. It's just Porsche's way...

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    If you don't like the Boxster, go for a 996.

    You still didn't understand that the Boxster is Porsche's entry-level model. I know Porsche (and most dealers) want to make customers believe something else but the Boxster is what it is supposed to be: an "entry-level" 911 wannabee.
    I know the Boxster is an excellent car, in the right hands it can even outhandle a 996. But this is not the point.
    The Boxster isn't a model put next to the 911, it is a model put "below" the 911 model range. Some Boxster owners still have to learn and understand that. I know this sounds harsh but I'd say it is a fact.

    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    Ok - but where is the Boxster RS/CS?

    I own the entry level Porsche of 1994 - the 968 CS.
    This car is still as fast or even faster on tracks than the Boxster S or the 911 of that time (993 - except the 993 RS).

    Porsche should be able to build a car like this again:
    - light
    - fast around the corners
    - no comfort and
    - faster on the track than a regular 996

    It is an evidence of incapacity for a car SPORTS CAR (!) manufacturer, that a 10 year old entry level Porsche is as fast round a track as their latest product!


    Re: Anniversary Boxster S "50 Years 550 Spyder"

    Most likely you are right RC,

    but ... i think this kind of policy will turn more customers away from Porsche than it will make ex-Boxster drivers buy a 911.

    Next year is gonna show .... let's see ?!




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