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    Tire Size?

    I have new Dymag wheels similar to the picture below (only mine of course have five bolt holes) sizes 19x9 and 19x12 that will be here early next week. My intentions are to put PS2 Michelin Tires on the wheels. Since, I'm not a tire guy, do I go with the stock size 235/35 ZR 19 and 305/30 ZR 19 tires on these wheels?

    For the record the wheels weigh 16 pounds (front) and 20 pounds (rear). I am also installing a set of PoggiPolini Titanium Bolts.

    I am excited to post pictures of the entire car once the new wheels are installed since it has numerous ( but discrete ...OK 610 HP isn't discrete ) modifications ... simililar to Atomic 80's car only Guards Red !

    Re: Tire Size?

    I would highly recommend staying with the stock tire sizes because you can possibly burn out your differentials if you went with anything larger. It's because of the different tire ratio sizes. See this thread:

    Fred put on 315's on his rears and that ended up burning out his differentials.

    You absolutely have to post pictures of your new setup once it's all finished! Should look pretty spectacular. Just one other question, what did you do to get 610 hp?

    Re: Tire Size?

    I agree - stock size PS2's would be my choice - plus they have the "N" designation that Porsche recommends. The diameter differential caused by different size tires shouldn't affect the C2, only affects the AWD C4, TT, Targa. You can go to and play around with different tire sizes to see the changes.

    Re: Tire Size?

    OK, here is all I have done to the car:

    1) EVOMS Stage 4 (EVT S4 610) with ceramic coated headers and Swain coated intercoolers.

    2) Cargraphic Loud Exhaust

    3) Billet Aluminum Black Coated Oil and Power Steering Caps

    4) Tinted Windows

    5) K40 Bluetooth Radar Detector/Jammer

    6) Carbon Fiber Eylids

    7) Painted, color matched (Guards Red) front spoiler and rear lip

    8) Black 'Turbo' badge on rear

    9) Tinted Side Markers

    10) Tinted Tail Lights

    11) Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust Tips

    12) Smoke Colored Dymag 9 Spoke Wheels (as in picture)

    13) Michelin PS2 tires (to be stock size ... thanks Atomic 80!)

    14) PoggiPolini Titanium Bolts for all 4 wheels

    15) Clear Film on Front spoiler, rocker panels, and front all the way up the hood.

    I know alot of folks on this board are paranoid about an ECU upgrades. All I can say is that GIAC makes a great reliable product. My car is a TIP and runs like a bat out of hell. The exhaust and the ECU upgrade are the two best investments I have ever spent when modifying a car. The car is transformed. My friend's Lamborghini Murcielago can't even stay close on the straights and is blown away in the corners ... and he is a better driver than I am.

    And yes, I am in the minority that 'LOVES' my tip. RC is right when he says you have to learn to drive it. I hated the tip when I first got it, but now that I have learned to drive it, I am a much faster driver with both hands on the wheel and total focus on braking and my lines in the corners.

    I love this car! It is by far the best car (my all time favorite car) I have ever owned!

    There are those that are disappointed in their 997TT performance. All I can say is a new exhaust and ECU upgrade will have you raving about the car. Peace to those of you who cannot stomach any modifications to the stock car. To each his own!




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