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    Aargh, I need therapy...

    ...these option combinations are driving me crazy.

    Please help by voting for one of the following combos:

    1. Air vent slats alum look
    Trim strip leather
    PCM alum look
    Standard seats
    (this is my current order)

    2. Air vent slats alum look
    Trim strip leather
    PCM stock volcano gray
    Adaptive sport seats (with std gray backs)

    3. Air vent slats alum look
    Trim strip stock alum look
    PCM black leather
    Standard seats

    FYI the car is atlas w/ black interior

    Thanks for your input.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    No question #2. It's worth it to get the Adaptive sport seats. Functionality over asthetics.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    Let me also throw in:

    4. Air vent slats alum look
    Dash trim strip stock alum look
    PCM black leather
    Adaptive sport seats (standard gray back)

    This would leave volcano gray on the seat backs, but maybe not all that noticeable?

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    If you're going with PCM black leather then it won't be so bad having the volcano gray on the seatbacks.

    Be sure to still get the CDZ - gear trim in leather too.

    Here's a picture of what it'd look like with the PCM leather

    A whole bunch of other pictures:

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    I vote adaptative sport seats. The best option available on the 997..(after driving improving ones such as X51, PCCB, -20mm etc). They are very comfortable and you can tune them at will...

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    If the car is a coupe, forget fussing over the seat backs, you never see them and they look good to okay when you do.

    Now..., step back, take a breath, look at the car's dash and interior... . IMO, it's REALLY BUSY. There's a heck of alot going on (shapes, textures, lines, stitching, materials, designs, aluminum trim pieces here-and-there, more lines, more shapes, more stitching).

    WHY add more clutter? I'm a minimalist: clean lines, sparcity, efficiency all attributes of the sacred original 911 look all seem to have been lost in these new cars. If you tend to think this way just go with black and more black.

    The black leather PCM, ac, and switchplates LOOK GREAT IMO. Those buttons are realy annoying and the black tones them down... .

    My us$.02

    here's a visual aid:

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    #4, hands down.

    That's why I posted that info about the leather PCM the other day. It just takes all the crappiness away from what should otherwise be a pleasing-to-look-at front panel.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    I hate to be a stick-in-the-mud but I like my totally stock console. When I'm driving I don't look at it except to occasionally glance at the Nav or to change radio/CD selections. I preferred to put my money into non-blingage such as PCCB, adaptive seats (they're great), locking diff, short shifter, SC, etc. In other words, stuff you use rather than look at. That being said, if you want the appearance items, go for it.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    Adaptive Seats! I know the only reason Porsche AG didn't put them in the Turbo from the beginning,--to extract more money from buyers! They are first rate, and match the car.


    (Vote for PCCB, too).

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...


    BTW. I'd rather have dedicated buttons than something stupid like iDrive. Just push a button, get a result. Plus after a few days, you almost know where all the buttons are and do and become intuitive.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    I vote adaptives first. If the PCM in leather is in the budget, I'd vote that second. What does the PCM in leather cost, BTW?

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    Thanks for all the help, guys.

    I've decided to go with the Adaptives and the stock PCM. Now I can just sit back and wait (May build).

    PCM in leather is $2230, Jim. I wish they wouldn't make it so darned expensive to change that thing. $500 sounds more like it to me.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    The money you saved on leather PCM could be spent now on 10 sessions of therapy.

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    I think one session in the Turbo will be therapeutic enough

    Re: Aargh, I need therapy...

    Wow, a couple of pieces of leather through the water jet and then glued over the plastic is almost as expensive as a full leather interior. I agree with you on the pricing.



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