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    Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....


    Having had a C2S for 10 months, I have done a car swap with a colleague from work (who wanted to borrow my BMW 535D) - some interesting personal feedback from driving the car.

    * Standard car with 18" wheels, Bose, Cruise
    * 23,000 miles - has had first UK service
    * Sadly, "Service now" indicator keeps flashing
    * CD was stuck in drive - but having seen recent posts on the board, having switched on/off the engine a few times, it ejected
    * Standard gearbox feels a lot more slicker than my short shift
    * Car's engine seems so fluid - i.e power delivery is constant and kick down at 70mph seems a lot more smoother than my C2S (albeit by C2S only had 3000 miles on the clock)
    * Steering seems very light at low speeds
    * Car suspension seemed a lot more harder - could be over inflated tyres
    * Engine growl still as satisfying
    * Overall, very impressed with the car


    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    I own and drive each day a 997C2 since August 5, 2004 so I am very interested in your comments. Mine has a little more than 20.000 miles now.

    Back then I took the C2 over the C2S and I have a question for you: you said the suspension is harder than your C2S ?
    I suspect your C2S has the PASM suspension ? Maybe that's why ...

    What do you think ?

    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    yes Pentium, i know after testing tha the standard's 997 suspension is a little harder than PASM in normal mode, and it is logical, because having the standard suspension doesnt give you the choice to switch to harder settings. so its must be functional also in high speed driving...

    I have the standard 997 but with the PASM, and except the rear noise that the PASM produces i m totally satisfied....

    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    Hi Guys - nope, car only has standard PSM no PASM - looked at the tyres earlier, they are nearly bald and in need of change - this could be a reason.

    Simply awesome how the engine has loosened up and the power delivery is across a wide rev range... had four adults in the car earlier, it still happily pulled away in 6th Gear.

    Appears to be a known UK problem whereby after a recent service, the "service now" reminder keeps appearing - eas reset today - lets see how long this works for.


    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    Prashan happy with the engine power? found it much slower than an S?>

    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    To be honest Dilinger, I found the car a lot better than my S - the power delivery was constant across the rev range, the engine note just as invigorating as the "S"..... started to make me think... why should one go for an S... the standard C2 must be the best car for every day use.... again, just my opinion.

    PS - I hadn't fully run-in my S and think it had an inherent factory fault - having sold the car a few weeks ago, the new owner has had another fuel pump failure....

    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    I think the actual differences between S and non S are small. An easily perceived difference is the superior exhaust note of the 3.8 - this makes the car really feel faster and sportier, but I'm pretty convinced that the 2 cars are very close. Motor Trend recently did a comparison between the 911 and the Vanquish, Z06 and Cayman S. They looked at both 997 and 997 S. The perfomrnace figures for the 997 and 997 S were virtually identical. That's just one source, but it does lend support for the concept that the 2 cars are much much more similar in performance than they are different.

    Re: Feedback - just driven a C2 with 23,000 miles.....

    funny thing is Silver Bullet , that Porsche avoids to give any difference for the fitting of the PCCB's but keeps pointing the differenced between S and non-S versions



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