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    Mk II GT3 for sale

    $104 MSRP. 98K OBO. Xenon, mats. cruise. Car in Malibu. You guys know i sell cars every few months, here's the next one. Excellent, just broken in correctly, has used one quart in total only. 4k mi. stock. new toys incoming.

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    That car is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I'll give ya $, sorry, thats all i got to offer on a new toy right now!

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    watt said:
    $104 MSRP. 98K OBO. Xenon, mats. cruise. Car in Malibu. You guys know i sell cars every few months, here's the next one. Excellent, just broken in correctly, has used one quart in total only. 4k mi. stock. new toys incoming.

    what is this new toy?

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    BTW before i respond, RC? it is OK to post an ad i hope? I do not see a classified.


    i bought a perfect 97 993TT with custom cage, fuel cell and safety systems, beautifully crafted by an Open Road Racing expert, Carl Young in Las vegas, Nevada.

    this car tracks well up to 193 recorded. 993TT's have proven to be more stable at ORR speeds than my Gt2's or 3's, on bumpy roads.

    I am also seeking in Europe a 993 RS to import. i have evaluated the import process on 993 GT2 which is not feasible [nor is the 2004 RS], but 993 RS is quite. any comments , cars availbale or advice you all can give me on finding a good RS will be very helpful!

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    993RS is a sweet ride. What are the hoops to jump through to import and license one?

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    Watt is the maniac car change man!

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    it seems to cost only $12K and add no weight. did you buy that carbon clone that was in Excellence??? rad ride, mon!!!


    it may be manic depression or delusions of stupidity, but it sure is fun!!!!!

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    Hey Watt-
    Let me know when it's time to sell that 993 TT that you just bought. Sounds like my kind of car

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    Yeah, that my carbon 73RS from Excellence - most fun I've ever had with a car

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    watt said:

    it may be manic depression or delusions of stupidity, but it sure is fun!!!!! : t

    I guess so!

    My kind of Car!!


    I have the serious horn for your latest piece of automotive porn.

    A couple of years ago I started building a 73 rs clone from a Carrera CS body shell to use as a Track Day toy.

    Got the Fuch wheels, bits of trim, Big Reds and was well on the way to getting it all togeather.

    It was all going fine until a friend offered me the T4 engine from his wrecked car, only tweeked to 520Hp....

    Might be coming to CA on business late in Feb, I will be angling for a ride!!


    Re: My kind of Car!!

    MR. RS,

    as you all know, co-authored "Speed Bump Strategems for GT2/3/RS" with me. He does book signings at the Knightsbridge McD's every Saturday.

    Hey, the RS will likely not be here yet but give us a shout. and i'll get you a map of all the In and Out burger locations to complete your Ph.D.


    did you have a 993 RS or 964 RS L or CS??? I think i am going to get both!!!!!!

    In'N'Out Burger


    You have rumbled me already! Yes you are quite correct in your assumption that I am visiting La La Land to complete my Doctorate in "Speed Bump angle and velocity vectors". It will of course be Ghost written by Journoman (what a Guy), as I am afraid that he is unimpeachable in any and all matters relating to the fine art of driving, in his presence we are all but novices.

    May I direct any and all Rennteam members to the definitive guide on the mysterious art of Heel and Toe written by the great man himself, what a Guy indeed.

    As for the 993RS and 964 RS/L/CS afraid not.

    Came very close to buying a 993RS before the GT3, was put off by the full GT2 body kit or else it might well have been parked in my garage. It was actually this that started me on the road to building the 73RS clone.

    Have driven a properly set up 964RS it is no where near as bad as everyone makes out. I suppose it really depends on what you are comparing it against. Put it up against a Rolls and it rides like a rock, put it up against a Rock and it rides like a Roll's.

    Look forward to receiving my map to include in with my thesis.

    P. Phd FGA RS Bar

    Re: In'N'Out Burger

    Mr RS,

    we'll include your thesis findings as a new addendum to our second edition; it's almost sold out!!!!

    ah yes, i am now looking at the pitiful US $$ in comparison to the vibrant euro and sterling and a low mile 993 RS is 70 Eu = 87.5 US + 15 import = $102K US. i seem to remember paying even less for my 2004 GT3...

    then 2790# with 300 HP is 9.31 #/HP, but hmmmmmmmm, when i do that for the gt3... i get 3049/380 is 8.0 #/HP and a gt3 has more like 400 HP in reality... which is 7.62 #/hp.

    which bizarrely enough leads me to remember the gt2 [996] which has 3175# and 462 hp = 6.87#/HP...

    and all of a sudden it dawns on me Porsche has made some progress!!!!!!

    and maybe i might wait for the almighty dollar to become partially mighty once more....

    and i have priced building some heavy RS clones with a 3.8, turbo brakes, etc and by the time you are done your are at $110K and might have just bought a GT3....

    obviously i suffer from circular logic and short term memory loss. it must be all those speed bumps.

    Re: In'N'Out Burger

    Watt - get yourself a sweet 73 RSR replica (improved over original) and end up with 1,900 lbs and 330hp. That should set you straight @ 5.75 #/hp

    Re: Mk II GT3 for sale

    watt said:
    You guys know i sell cars every few months

    Nice going, Watt. I wish I could afford that too, I LOVE cars and I really envy you. Enjoy your future babies and provide some pictures for us.

    Re: In'N'Out Burger

    Grant said:
    Watt - get yourself a sweet 73 RSR replica (improved over original) and end up with 1,900 lbs and 330hp. That should set you straight @ 5.75 #/hp

    that sounds like a plan!!

    how much to build/buy, Grant???

    73 RSR Replica

    Watt - You should be able to buy a nice built one for around $50k, but if you have one built to your specs from the ground up it would cost more. I'm thinking here of tub from a pre-74 with fiberglass or carbon-fiber RSR body panels and a 2.8L-3.4L motor with big carbs or mechanical fuel injection (high butterfly RSR style preferred). I know people who are getting over 350hp with such a motor (and can rev to 8,600 rpm). Of course, you'll want big RSR or 930 brakes (4-piston), a roll cage, fuel cell, 9 and 11 inch Fuchs, etc. My RS replica has "only" 240 hp at 8,000 rpm and it feels twice as fast as my 2002 C2 with 320hp did. The old cars (pre-74) are exempt from smog regs in California too, as far as I know. Check out :

    for some examples of what I mean (and maybe some for sale).

    Good luck!

    Re: 73 RSR Replica

    One other great thing about the old cars:

    You can get collector car insurance (if car is over 25yrs old) and it only costs like $300/yr for full coverage - they allow 5k miles/year of use. Try that with a GT2...

    Re: 73 RSR Replica

    Some nice photos of 73RS, 73RSR, and replicas of both hosted by a member, Mouse, from Switzerland:

    Re: 73 RSR Replica

    thank you Grant,

    very helpful.

    those RSR's on Mouse's site look quite like 78-79 turbo bodies? i assume it would be too heavy and expensive and you'd have the smog problem.... to use a turbo as a base.

    Re: 73 RSR Replica

    Yeah, you're right about weight issues with the turbo bodies (and the front and rear fenders are different too). One good thing about them is the rust proofing after 1976 and they already have the big brakes after 1977, but to get the low weight, you don't want the steel panels anyways (need to remove them away). A 930 weighs around 3,000 lbs, but a 73 RSR (or replica with carbon or FG panels) weighs well under 2,000. Makes a HUGE difference. And Calif. requires the cars to be 73 or older for the smog exemption too (Early S guys lobbied for this). I like the looks of the old bodies better too (long hood with horn grills and simple pre impact-bumper profile).



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