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    Music Keg Install

    Well I finally got around to installing my Music Keg..
    I have one in my 996, and I love it!! So I bought another keg and I needed the FM Modulator since I was using the stock PCM system. I had to get adapters for the antenna connections. And finding a ignition powered wire is not easy, I actually didn't find one, so I used the cigarette lighter power for the time being.. It goes in Monday to the dealer to get the Cayenne Lighted Door sills installed so I will have the dealer find me a power supply on the passanger side. I didn't want to run the wires all the way over to the drivers side fuse box..

    Some pics..

    Back of PCM

    The Keg fits perectly under the passanger seat where the fire extinguiser compartment was. I pulled that out, you have to break off a little clip to get the drawer out, the I used the same cover that was used for the fire extinguisher drawer. I just pulled it off and used 3M tape to stick it to the carpet.

    Cover on

    This is the matching silver control device for the Keg.
    Gotta have some Bon Jovi in there for my sweety

    Only drawback is you can't open the ash tray drawer now, but I don't have a ligher in there so its no biggy.

    remote control for it..

    The Hard Drive is a 60 Gig.. so I have over 700 CD's downloaded into and over 1300 total artist's. Also it has voice contol over all of the artists.

    I use this to find all of the Artist's

    I also have another Keg in my 996, so I just take the hard drive with me for each car..

    NO FM modulator is needed when you use a Kenwood head unit.
    My 996 with Kenwood DVD/TV Unit with Music Keg

    Re: Music Keg Install

    Thanks for the report and photos. Great looking installation. I have been thinking of putting a V-1 remote down there; maybe even inside the ashtray.

    Re: Music Keg Install

    Kevin, reach under the passenger side of the dash towards the center console and you should find two additional 12V outlets, just like the cigarette lighter. You maybe able to run your power line under the passenger side mats and have the wire emerge from the carpet on the center console (there should already be a rectangular flap cut in the carpet) and plug in under the dash.

    Re: Music Keg Install

    Thanks Stephen, I ended up running the wire over to the fuse box where the V1 one wired in..



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