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    Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    There is a thread going over on the Porsche Club GB forums regarding 997 warranty claims - everyone is listing out what they have had done. It's effectively a survey to see whether it's worth coughing up the money for a new Porsche Extended Warranty given the recent price hike.

    Anyway, one thing I have noticed thus far about my Turbo ownership is that the car and engine seem much better built than my old Carrera was. I have had not one warranty claim yet in 8000 miles.

    I also notice on the PCGB thread that a LOT of 997 Carreras have had whole replacement engines.

    So I wondering if this is due to the Turbo's having the bulletproof GT1-based Metzger 'professional grade' engine, compared to the Carerra's 'consumer grade one'

    I would be interested to hear from you guys what warranty problems you have seen on your Turbo's.

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    great thread, it will be really interesting to hear what turbo owners have had done under warranty. From my experience it seems as though the opcs are very reluctant to do anything under warranty. Referring to the thread about engine noise and blue smoke if i was the opc i would start replacing parts to keep the customer happy.

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    I ve had one minor warranty fix.

    The CD holder in my glove box, the pop up door broke off and it took an hour to fix it. The glove box had to come out.

    Very minor..

    I am more than satisfied compared to my 996 that broke down twice on the road.


    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    I've had only a couple in the last two years.

    Engine compartment fan and\or temperature sensor.

    Power steering pump.

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    One year with TT and NOTHING warranty-wise!

    FWIW, I had a 997S and was anxious when I was beating the engine.

    With the TT I don't have that feeling anymore.

    Even though I am a smart driver , I know how to apply power thru the gears, the 997S engine sometimes felt like it was straining.

    The TT engine is like a wild animal which just wants to run faster.

    This sounds very unreliably subjective, I know... .

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    2yrs. 4k miles , zero warranty issues or things to complain about...will be interesting what others here with lots more miles have to leaning toward not getting an extended warranty as im planning this car as a keeper...if selling id get it

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    I plan on getting the extended warranty or trading in when the factory warranty ends

    The problem is finding a warranty company which will be around in several years.

    This TT car can be extremely expensive to fix. A wrecked engine is what..., us$40K on a TT?

    Then again, when and if the engine blows you can trade it in on a new one and take the hit that way.

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    My 2007 997TT has had no warranty claims or complaints since new (May 2007) and has about 12K miles on the odometer. I'm careful with the car so I do not intend to purchase extended warranty.

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    Strategy_Dude said:
    I'm careful with the car so I do not intend to purchase extended warranty.

    I'm wondering what you mean by "careful with the car?"

    Warranty companies will not cover damages caused by neglect, abuse or racing.

    The car can get a PITA electrical problem just by being parked.

    Intermediate shaft bolts shear off "for no reason."

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    Mine is 1 y.o. and first service is in a couple of days. 16,000 kms on the odo. Rubber seal in sunroof came loose 6 months ago and I also had a couple of rattles in the cabin fixed under warranty. That's all. I replaced the front lip spoiler at my own expense after it began to look a bit second hand. My Bridgestone tires are ready for replacement after a year of fairly spirited driving and a couple of track days. When it's offered, I'll decline an extended warranty and opt for exhaust and ECU mods instead! I love this car...

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    Under warranty I had a bad water pump replaced (Carrera S).  They mentioned that it was the first one they had to do. 

    997S Hard-top Cabrio 6-spd 3AS 'Turquoise' Natural Brown, PCCB

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    Just had a engine alram. Dealer found the o-ring in the gas cap was bad!! I had noticed earlier that I had trouble refueling (low flow rate) and thought it was the gas pump, another pump same issue. I then removed the nozzle and then reinserted and the gas flowed normal. Soon after the engine alarm, seems the o-ring was the cause. Also had a creaking sound in the rear area fixed.

    So it's been really a good car with no serious problems and I have 2 years and 11000 miles as my daily drive. What I expect from Porsche!


    993C2 & 997TT

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    2 and a half years, 31k miles, no warranty claims.
    2007 997 TT Protomotive VTGs/Cargraphic 2007 BMW 335i Coupe 2007 Audi Q7 4.2

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    Seems, thus far at least, that the 997 Turbo is very well made - even coping with people's powerkits they have applied.


    MY2008 997 Turbo - Cargraphic stage II powerkit (544PS/798Nm) | HRE P40's | Bilstein Damptronics | GMC Sway/Toe-steer/Dog-bone kits

    Re: Warranty survey: Turbo vs Carrera

    At 3,000 miles, the generator died, warranty replacement.  (I was stranded on the side of a busy road for a couple of hours.)

     At 5,000 miles the CD player died, warranty replaced the whole PCM unit.  

    Also at 5,000 miles, the lumbar bladder died, warranty replacement.

     Nothing has happened in the last 11,000 miles, and the car feels better every day. 



    '07 997tt '66 E-type FHC '76 TR6 '08 MBZ E550 '99 Jeep



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