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    Frozen side windows

    Had the situation this morning (-2.5c) that the side window wouldn't retract when opening the door. Anyone got the definitive best way to stop the window freezing to the runner/frame?

    Re: Frozen side windows

    Car cover....I had my Boxster parked outside for 3 years without trouble.

    Re: Frozen side windows

    I treat all my seals with autoglym bumper care - it helps but then i garage mine at night. Any oily film with act a breakable barrier when frosty.

    Re: Frozen side windows

    Thanks guys. I think the film coating was more what I was after - I don't think I have the patience to use a cover. (Daily driver).

    Re: Frozen side windows

    Do you use your car as a daily driver... or do you leave it undriven for a couple of days during the cold months sometimes? To me this has only happened when I left my 987 stood still for a couple of days in a row (which rarely happens of course!)

    Re: Frozen side windows

    With daily practice you can get really quick with the car cover...under 2 minutes...

    Film coating sounds interesting but in my neck of the woods if there was enough of a frost to freeze the windows, I'm probably driving my beater.

    Re: Frozen side windows


    Car is covered in salt and crap at the moment, so wouldn't want to be sliding a car cover all over that every day. I do 350-400 miles a week, so the car just has to get treated like any other.

    Re: Frozen side windows

    spray with silicone. Keep rubber lists clean and lubed.

    Re: Frozen side windows

    When I was still living in Germany, I used to have some grease/fat like stuff which I put on all seals and rubber lips etc. before winter. That would prevent the windows sticking to the edge.

    Here in the UK I haven't encountered the issue, so I'd venture a guess it's limited to those privileged hard top owners!

    Re: Frozen side windows

    (Hard top is still not on Ente...)

    I must lubricate my parts more I guess. I think it was the leading edge, by the mirror - I pulled the door out (the glass 'gives' enough to be able to do that) but couldn't shut again until defrosted. Only time it has happened.



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