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    Potential gearbox problem?

    Hello again guys,

    First of all a little intro to what ive been doing so far. Brand new C2S with Tiptronic tranny, decided to go easy for the first 700 km's and then progressivly rev it harder from there until 1500 km's where its basically FFA. Got a few friends that have done the same with their Porsches and have had no problems, and possibly even better performance than the recommended break in technique (low revs up to 3k). Dont worry this isnt a thread about break in techniques

    Anyway, just past 800 km's, I started flooring it every now and then. Between 800 to 1100 km's, out of the several full throttle applications that ive done, on 2 of them, the engine over-revved (got into redline) instead of shifting, while in normal D mode on the tiptronic. As soon as it overrevved, I felt significant engine braking and a kind muffled-tense noise (as youd expect when engine breaking is applied at over 7k RPM) until the revs went back to 7k, and only then the tiptronic tranny shifted to the next gear. Asked a mate of mine and he said it sometimes happens on his 997 Carrera too, and is nothing to worry about.

    However, at 1200 km's, the same thing happened again, overrev and engine breaking etc. However, this time, a very high pitched "Awwwww" sound came from the rear of the car too that lasted for like 1 second, until the gear finally shifted.. and thats gotten me really worried. I have no idea what it was... it sounded a bit like a blow-off valve when releasing air or something.. I dunno.

    Ive floored it many many times by now and its been ok all of the times, sports mode and in normal mode.. but those 3 times when it went wrong (all in normal mode, and oil temp between 80-90) have really gotten me worried especially the last one cause of the sound it made.. Anybody got any idea if this is normal and if not, what could be causing it? And especially what that last sound was all about? Should I go and have my gearbox checked out?

    Thanks for the help guys!

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    its not hurt for you to go check it with the dealer, right?
    Then why not just go?

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    I am puzzled how this can be normal since the Tip is supposed to prevent an over-rev from happening. I would just get it checked - if only just for your peace of mind. Good luck

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    Was the engine oil and transmission fluid at proper operating tmp when you pushed it? It takes a while to get to operating temp...

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    You cannot over rev it because it is a tip but you can certainly hurt it - the manual says take it easy for 3,000 KM. I had a tip and I didn't even take it easy for 300 but had no problems AT ALL in 2 years and 24K! I know the current owner of my old car and even now - 3 years after I sold it - running perfectly.

    I would take it to the dealer and ask them to check it over! The tip is Japanese made and very good quality - nothing to worry about me reckons.

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    Come to think of it.. I wonder if what happened was that I floored it, then let go just as it was about to change gear (or just after it did). That causes the tip to downshift usually but might have confused it and allowed it to over rev? I could clearly see the RPM in the 7300 region, and felt it too.

    I wont do anything for now but if it does happen again ill certainly have it checked out.

    Thanks for the input peeps!

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    Go to the dealer, have them check the car for any malfunction codes (or whatever they're called).

    No reason to explain why you want the codes read. OR go to an independent shop and have them read.

    When they tell you there's nothing on record in the car's computer related to your Tip, you can relax.

    Hopefully before the warrenty runs out any damage will present itself.

    My (amateur hobbyist) bet is you're fine.

    Re: Potential gearbox problem?

    Was driving it really hard yesterday and it went well all through until towards the end where the same damn problem came up again

    I switched it over to M mode, with Sport mode engaged and PSM off. I floored it from first gear without manually changing gears, and it should usually changes gear by itself if it gets to redline, but it didnt. Went into redline again, engine breaking, messed up noise etc etc. Shifted gear up, and same thing happened in 2nd gear, shifted again and same happened in third. Slowed all the way back down, floored it again in 2nd and again, over revved and got up to 7300 RPM.

    Ill definitely have it checked out now, not worth risking engine / gearbox damage



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