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    Re: The plot thickens

    We went out today to HR Owen sportscar who were so kind to show us around in their wonderland carpark, pointing out the vehicles with clear bra. Now that's a parking lot which I would not mind getting locked into over night. F spyders, Lambos, Aston Martins left right and center.... a true eye candy for a pair of humble Boxey owners. My thanks goes to Anthony from HR Owen who spent time with us (though we obvously did NOT qualify as prospective buyers) to provide additional information on the protective film. He mentioned that many of their sportscars have the film applied, no matter the make or color, as the benefits are said to outweigh the disadantages. What's the worst that can happen? According to his experience, the films are most visible on light colored cars. If the paint experiences a slight discoloration due to age and sun exposure over time, the covered parts can(!) appear different. He also confirmed that stone chips on the bra may actually be more visible than they would be on the pure paint, which can be remedied simply by pulling the film part off with the aid of a hairdryer and replacing it.

    Unfortunately, no dark colored sample was on the lot at the time, but we got to see an orange and a pearl white Lamborghini Murcielago equipped with the film. The white Lambo was inside and freshly washed, while the orange one was outside and reasonably dirty, which gave a good impression of film visibility. The film was less visible than I had imagined. The point was proven by the fact that I did not notice the bra at all when passing by at first, until its existence was pointed out to me. The dirt on the orange bonnet had accumulated at the film edge and thus it was apparent once you knew what to watch for, but the reflection or shade difference was virtually negligible. On the white car, a slight color difference when viewed from certain angles was more pronounced. Overall however, I have to say I'm impressed by the film as it seems much less intrusive in appearance than I expected. I'm sorry for the poor picture quality and resolution (had some trouble to capture a view where the film edge was actually visible).

    Clicky on the thumbnail to get to a higher res version. I'm showing the picture "as is" first, with a version following that highlights the film edges.

    Bonnet, orange L:

    Bumper, orange L:

    Light details, orange L (where several pieces come together):

    Full view, orange L (no film visible from 2-3 meters away.. neither on picture nor in reality):

    Bonnet, white L (sorry for the dark/grainy pic ):

    Wing, white L:

    After taking a close view at the product, I doubt it could be applied without professional help, especially the bumper pieces. HR Owen works with Armourfend films, which are also applied to the headlights.

    I'd say from a looks perspective, the film is a go for me. I'm still slightly concerned about side effects and more concerned about costs though, thus haven't made up my mind yet.

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    Re: The plot thickens

    Great report Ente - how did you sweet-talk the salesman into that?!

    I'm more inclined to go professional too, but ArmorFend quoted Pounds540 in the end. So probably not this month! We'll see. My windscreen seems to be attracting small chips more than the paint at the moment! Can't wash the car properly for another week.

    Did you by any chance see any cars that had large areas covered in film? I'm lead to believe that the film roll is only about 600mm wide, so two pieces would be required for the bonnet, say. Did any cars you looked at have this done? If there were any cases of two bits of film being fitted right next to each other, touching, how did it look? (I'm not sure from your photos.) I would imagine this would leave a minute gap that was prone to getting dirt in, and that was hard to clean.


    Re: The plot thickens

    All the films I've seen on pictures or in person covered only part of the bonnet. My guess would be that a two-piece cover would develop a dirt line. The size limitation is probably due to common plotter width.



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