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    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Totally agree about the steering wheel and when you touch it is rather obvious that the leather isnt the same quality as the rest of the leather used in the car too - feels far less sumptious.  I think its a retrimmed part from the old ford parts bin myself. 

    There are a couple of small things like that which all irritate you for the first few days (especially as I had just swapped out of 997 ownership) but they are soon forgotton when the whole aston ownership experience takes over.  Its a wonderful car and I still have no regrets.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77


     dash : 


    your post ^^

    my post of the same standard AM interior



    THESE 2 LAYOUTS ^^ ARE VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL - slight button diiference but basically the same




    This pic below is the ONE-77, no doubt a family resemblance but different buttons and different ANGLES





    1) square air vents vs. round, sculpted  air vents

    2) center console angle almost vertical in standard AM's , nearly 45 Degrees in One-77

    3) Doors - carbon fiber in One-77 vs. standard leather over plastic in Standard AM

    4) Steering wheel - perfectly round in standard AM all leather, massaged shape with aluminum inserts in One-77

    5) Buttons in center console - standard AM 8 round plastic MAIN buttons vs. 3 large polished metal buttons with connected windows



    There is no mistaking the family resemblance, but to say they are the same indentical parts is ludicrousSmiley

    Re: Aston Martin one-77


    DBS a very nice looking standard type recaro-style high end car seat with side bolsters seperate from back/middle section, in fact 2 different materials here with leather side bolsters and Alcantara center section


    Nice and classy 


    SEAT DBS.jpg 






    Seat One-77


    the One-77 seat is a one-piece racing shell similiar to GT-3 seat with metal eyelets presumably for multi-point racing type restraints


    seat 177.jpg 



    They are not even closely the same seats. Though both are clearly seats. 

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Air intake & engine



    Carbon fiber air intake on top of engine near windshield, tuned and shaped specifically for the One-77, CF helps reduce heat sink and of course weight.

    Engine - 7.3 liter V12 



    2 maf's coming of the CF plenum, nice shiny aluminum oil cap


    Standard AM (DBS & DB9) V12 below


    magnesium air intake covering front of engine

    Engine- 6.0 liter V12



    2 MAF's at front of engine, plastic oil cap


    Those are different engines, the One-77 is not a parts bin special, don't believe me or your eyes, listen to Dr. Bez.



    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    I think you are misinterpreting what I said a bit - I never said the seats were the same, and my point was that although the cosmetics are different e.g. round vents / square vents etc... the basic layout of buttons, where the lights switch is, the seat switchs etc... indicates that under the skin the cockpit and non performance bits look to me like they are the same.  Yes the doors on the one-77 are CF and leather/plastic on the rest of the range but when you look and see all the controls are in the same basic relative positions you must realise that its almost certainly the same door undernearth the cf trim as the normal car - its the same shape and the door opener on the outside is an identical part!  If you compare the heater and hifi controls on the one-77 with those in a normal new layout car you will see that button for button they are the same - ok slighlty rotated around a bit but that to me says its very very likely that it is the same heater and hifi under the skin. Look closely and you will see that the instrument stalks on the one-77 are the 100% the same as the V8 / DBS / DB9 - and those have been borrowed from ford Im sure. The ECU (Emotion Control Unit) or ignition key to you and me is also identical on the one-77 to the current cars. Its the same principle as you have demonstrated in the old / new DB9 pics - AM just jiggle the facia around and change the materials and call it a new car but its basically the same kit underneath to save costs and this is what they are doing with the one-77 to some extent too. The hifi is outstanding by the way so I dont have an issue with it in quality terms as being suitable for a one-77 - just that I would expect all new here.

    I have done the aston factory tour and they are keen to show you an area where they keep the 'blank canvas' chassis and then they demonstrate how these 'blanks' can just have extra bits added to turn them into any of the cars from a 2 seater V8V coupe to a 2+2 DBS Volante. I'm sure the principle is still there in terms of the one-77 and some of the internals too. I do accept that the bits that matter (chassis / engine) are all new and that might be all that most people care about when parting with their hard earned £1M for one.

    At £200k-£300k I might be more forgiving of shared parts - at £1M its into the silly money league and I feel it should be 100.00% unique everywhere. 

    I still think it one of the best cars out there bar none, so Im not wishing to come across as if I am knocking it, and if I had £1M to spend on a car I would be very seriously considering it.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    I see what you are saying but a door is a door, how radical can it be, my guess would be that the CF here is structural on the door meaning more than a leather covering over a standard blank.


    The blank canvas chassis you saw is often referred to as a "Platform". However it is my understanding that the One-77 does not come off this platform as the wheelbase and width are bigger and as can be seen in all the skeleton pics, it is CF vs, standard car construction for the DBS -DB9's.

    Also note, a very big deal is the suspension here in the One-77. All the shock/spring (coilovers) bits are inboard a la Carrera GT in their own housings in the rear and going across the front of the engine in the front. No other Aston has such suspension mountings/


    I have to say this is about as bespoke as you can get, rivalling a Zonda while appearing not a cartoon.


     gold lining the bonnet






    Must have been nice touring the factory, all the new AM's are nice - Vantage V8 & V12, DB9, DBS, and of course the One-77. With the One-77 I think the sound alone will help set it apart, that and the size (lowness).

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    So yesterday I got into looking for specific pictures on this dash confusion and found some REAL NICE AM pics to share.


    A rare sight, a bright red DBS, color works well.


    wow dbs.jpg 

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    from the back, I think its called infa-red 


    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Interior and to think this is going to be down market (AM's are really updated 928's)


    Re: Aston Martin one-77



    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    even the brake looks good


    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    vroom, vroom

    1268406498101am the front.jpg 



    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    I love Toro red. Of course I am VERY biased

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Very nice collection of high quality pics here -


    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    omg - one guy has bought 10 of them!

    Some more great pics at the bottom of that link too.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    I have heard that about the 10 but have not seen real confirmation

    Just the engine bay alone is such a work of art and leaves no question as to the level the One-77 is at. I can't think of any other car that has a better looking engine. Veyron's engine is near it, but more traditional materials.

    from your link

    am engine.jpg 


    am engine2.jpg  



    That ^^ is more like sculpture, the designers took looks into the design along with function. Reminds me of my furniture.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Really you think the Zonda is more toonish then the one77? That's not true IMHO as the AM is pretty cartoonish in its very definition. I feel it to be very much like the SLR, in that it just isn't focused enough. What is AM? Their cars are never really that impressive compared to others in performance levels. They go fast and handle well, but not superb. This might and probably should be all different for the one77 but i fair it might not be this case, therefore not justifying the price tag personally. However, it is just my opinion and i can see others very much loving this thing to bits. beautiful pics btw, the suspension does look amazing, but i get a cartoon sense beause its an AM...


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 
    1984 BMW 323i 5spd 2.3L 141 hp (105 kW) More door. Black on black (parting out) 
    1986 BMW 325e 5spd 2.7L 121 hp (172 lb·ft) Le Mans Blau on Tan leather.
    1986 BMW 325is 5spd 2.5L 168 hp (164 lb-ft) White on Tan leather (parted out) 
    2005 Ford Focus S, 5spd 2.0L 136 hp (120lb-ft) CD silver on grey (sold)
    1986 Porsche 944, 5spd 2.5L 150 hp (168lb-ft) champagne gold on grown leather. (sold)

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    IMO, the exterior of the One-77 is a charicature of the beautiful clasical design curves of the recen aston martins.

    However, as much as I dislike the exterior, I cannot be anything than impressed by the technique... Absolutely stunning, very impressive.


    Porsche, seperates LeMans from LeBoys

    Re: Aston Martin one-77


    They do handle well, the N400 clocked the ring in 7.57 three years ago. But they don't handle as well as the 911, which is the reference.

    Ownership experience however is nothing like the one of any current production Porsche.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77


    IMO, the exterior of the One-77 is a charicature of the beautiful clasical design curves of the recen aston martins.

    However, as much as I dislike the exterior, I cannot be anything than impressed by the technique... Absolutely stunning, very impressive.


    Well said. The car from a styling perspective does come off as one big charicature as Aston's Vanquish. However, you can't find fault with the execution or detail.


    ...the only thing stopping you in all likelihood, is you!

    Re: Aston Martin one-77




    am engine2.jpg  



    I was watching the Zonda commercial the other day before it got posted here and I took some stills to compare it with the One-77. As nice as the Zonda is, it does not match the AM when you look at the detail part by part.

    For instance the unique to this Aston 7.3l engine pictured above with custom CF air intakes, cam covers and structural components VS. the outsourced AMG engine with its slightly less impressive CF bits. (still awesome)


    One is nice, One is art


    zonda 2.jpg

    Re: Aston Martin one-77




    the suspension - a work of art






    AM suspension above is really massive and complicated, The structural bits are milled billet aluminum and a lot of it with CF rods and multiple coil-overs. Sure looks impressive and well costs a lot VS. the Zonda with stamped metal parts screwed in place and a much less beefier coil-over.




    I like looking at both actually and I am sure they both function well. But it is tough to deny that AM looks that much more impresive and expensive.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77




    LOOK at those aluminum girders just below the front coil-overs above. Smiley Incredible design and execution.


    Both bodies are CF and pretty much equal to my eye as far as complexity and construction. The One-77 still ends up looking like a road car that you could take to dinner whereas the Zonda looks like a Lemans racer that is street legal.  That is why I said before that it is cartoonish. The Zonda looks like a racer, not a gt.


    Anyways these were some good comparison shots of the 2 best road cars on sale.


    zonda 3.jpg

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    It's out and about, first car that I can say actually looks good in white, the shape is awesome, the rear lights make a great contrast with the white, nice morning in London.



    Re: Aston Martin one-77







    Best AM shape ever, that is hot. 730hp in a classy exotic package.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Damn.... this is probably the most desirable Aston I've ever seen!

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

     It's nice, but priced about 4x too high. The DB10 will probably look similar to it anyway.

    Re: Aston Martin one-77


     It's nice, but priced about 4x too high. The DB10 will probably look similar to it anyway.

    The price comes, not so much from these close to perfect looks, but from the second to none imo  construction and materials.Not to mention the 730 hp from a normally aspirated engine, listen to it idle in the street, under full throttle it would shake those building and rattle the windows. Before this video I had some questions about the shape, not now.

    some more shots showing the lowness and sleekness, it is about 5 inches lower than other AM's I believe.


    1272989806123177 sweet.jpg

    177 sweeta.jpg

    Re: Aston Martin one-77

    Ha, they have put the "1 AML" plate on it already!  I drove the factory Morning Frost V8 vantage soon after they came out and it too had the "1 AML" plate on at the time.   Damn gorgeous colour when you see it for real.



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