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    X5 gets 355 HP

    X5 4.8

    Re: X5 gets 355 HP

    And it's only .3 seconds slower than a CayTT! Does that scare you??? BMW is and WILL catch up!

    Re: X5 gets 355 HP

    M5er said:
    And it's only .3 seconds slower than a CayTT! Does that scare you??? BMW is and WILL catch up!

    Doesn't scare me at all because I doubt the figures.

    Take the new G55 Kompressor with 476 HP: from 0-62 mph the official time is 5.6 sec., same as with the Cayenne Turbo. But from 0-125 mph, the time difference is already almost 3 advantage for the Cayenne Turbo. Not to speak about the limited speed of 210 kph (Cayenne Turbo 266 kph) or the limited 250 kph speed on the X5.
    And another thing: when I look at the X5 4.6is acceleration figures, I cannot imagine the 4.8is is that much faster. So it remains to be seen if the new 4.8is is really THAT fast, I actually think that the 0-62 mph acceleration time will be in the 6.5 seconds range.

    I'm much more scared of a possible X5 successor with the new V10 engine of the upcoming M5. The Cayenne Turbo has one real disadvantage: weight. If BMW and Mercedes succeed to reduce weight on their SUVs or at least keep it at the current level (and I have no doubt about it), these SUVs will be much faster than the Cayenne Turbo with the same or slightly more power.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a Cayenne facelift around 2006 (MY 2007), including more power for the "S" and Turbo.
    And I really hope (for the sake of us current Turbo owners) that the upcoming 500 HP powerkit will be retrofittable because I don't want to find myself in a year or two owning the second or third fastest SUV on earth.

    Re: X5 gets 355 HP

    But the X5 is a BMW and the Cayenne is A Porsche!


    Re: X5 gets 355 HP

    There is also the matter of who is posting the figures. Porsche has been extremely conservative with their performance estimates. In Car and Driver's review of the Cayenne Turbo, they obtained 0-60 mph times of 5 seconds flat. BMW is not nearly so conservative with their claims. So, a year and a half after introduction, the Cayenne Turbo's best competition is still almost a second slower, 0-60? It's not time to start worrying yet RC.

    Still, the X-5 will be a very nice car I think. It will clearly be the Cayenne Turbo's nearest competitor for on-road performance (no comparison off-road though ). I mentioned it to my wife and she started thinking she might want to trade her old X-5 in for the new one. But not for the performance. She thought she would trade so she could get heated seats and a dashboard CD this time around. Well, plus, having 15 more horsepower than me did seem like a good idea. Then she remembered all the trips to the dealer to get the X-5's teething problems sorted out (mostly electrical). Maybe she'll keep what she has. It seems to be working well right now.

    Re: X5 gets 355 HP

    just ridiculous...

    I compared the x5 4.6is with a regular cayenne s 2 months ago, and believe me, I'm from switzerland, and I can drive on mountain roads. the bmw had not chance. perhaps the new one is a bit faster with the 4.8 liter, but don't believe in that figures, it's impossible...and above all the chassis, that's not worth mentioning it!! - plenty of understeer in each corner...



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