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    Ferrari Challenge Stradale ordered

    Yesterday I went to my Ferrari dealer to leave the car for the 10000 kms service.
    As I was about to leave the dealer's owner came to say hi.
    I asked him about the sport version of the Modena, prepared to take the usual: we have no info, bla bla...
    Instead he told me that, although not officially, Ferrari in an indirect way is making its dealers aware that a very high performance limited edition of the Modena is about to be launched.
    As of now at Ferrari they are calling it Challenge Stradale, and infos are very scarce.
    All he knew was that it is going to be lighter, with very spartan and racy interior and extensive use of composites, with a suspension set up that stands between the Modena and Challenge cars, but is totally redeveloped.
    Engine will be slightly more powerful or they will state the same power, but as in the Challenge cars, they will choose only the engines that are able to exceed the quoted figure.

    I instantly thought: "this is the car for me!"
    So I signed the contract and put down a deposit.
    I am now officially the customer for car number 1 in Switzerland, and I'm thrilled as a baby...

    The delivery date is still unknknown, (June or a little before that probably) as also the price .
    All they know is that it will almost certainly be a limited or very low volume edition.

    I want to thank Manu (f550lm) for being the first one to tell me about this model a long time ago!!

    Also thanks to Zzboba for adding infos recently on the topic.

    Guys, keep your spyes working because in the next months I NEED to know all the technical infos I can get...

    Re: c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

    wow, this is great!!

    Re: c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

    God for you Luigi,
    This excellent news indeed,
    Very happy for you!

    Re: c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

    LUIGI - I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait till you get it mate! Time to ring UK dealers...

    Re: LUIGI! already have an idea...

    ...what color you're going to choose? rosso? gallo?
    or... white (like me )

    Re: LUIGI! already have an idea...

    Zzboba, I'm not sure about the colour yet, this car is going to be pretty extreme, low and aggressive, so colour choice has to be well thought out.Black is still on top of my list though!


    Now you can't sleep at night anymore, your girl friend won't get new jewelry anymore, you have to write a detailled driving report for and you also have to provide a bunch of pictures too (high quality of course ).
    Oh boy, Luigi...what were you thinking when you signed that contract?

    Congrats, can't wait to see that car. Sounds impressive.
    And don't forget the part with the driving report and pictures.

    Re: Good for you!!

    I Can't wait for your driving report on the car

    Re: BIG MISTAKE...

    What was I thinking?
    Actually I wasn't thinking . The words came out without my intention, and my hand posted the signature on the contract by itself...
    I guess I wouldn't have been able to make any opposition even if I wanted to!
    Can't wait to have more infos...

    Re: Ferrari Challenge Stradale is there a US version??nm


    Re: LUIGI! already have an idea...

    i like black as well (my current 996 is black)... the color of power and aggression but it somehow "hides" the beautiful body shape of the modena IMO. too much of a stealth effect.

    personally for the challenge stradale i would probably opt for gallo. an extreme color for an extreme car. but still a classic ferrari color. i love the enzo in gallo. and on the track no one will oversee you in the rear view mirror



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