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    Re: Panamera Turbo S

    Mike S:

     Christian, do you really think a facelift could be already introduced in 2012?

    I just put down a deposit for a P TTS yesterday 


    I'm afraid...yes. There is nothing written in stone though but the introduction of the Turbo S itself could be already a signal... 

    Do you really care? Of course I would always love to drive the latest gear but the Turbo S is really a rocket and I doubt that a facelift would immediately include the Turbo S too.

     Oh well, I realized that if I want a Turbo S. I will always be buying near the end of the cycle for the car regardless which generation. Going to continue with my order Smiley


    I'm sure I will forget about that once it is here. Delivery is estimated for June/July.

    Re: Panamera Turbo S

    Good post Aldo.  For now, my Cayenne Turbo S is perfect for a family of four, and I rarely if ever have a need for three in the back.  When my daughter goes to college in two years, I am going for the Panamera Turbo facelifted, or Turbo S, whatever is offered. 

    i am not yet 100% sold on the current exterior design (but trust that Porsche will improve it), but I am 200% sold on the interior and the performance of the Turbo.  Guess as I get older, I want more luxury and room with my speed addiction...

    Re: Panamera Turbo S

     ... with less slanted headlights  ( 7th small p-shop touch )



    Re: Panamera Turbo S

     Question: How is the Pana Turbo priced over in europe and in the us? not so specific but more of a general price range. Because I saw the pricing on the local dealers yesterday, US$ 205,000     Are they ripping costumers off or is this more or less how it goes?

    Re: Panamera Turbo S

    Should cost same as 997 turbo S..

    Re: Panamera Turbo S

    I haven't checked yet but I think I remember something around 165000 EUR for the new Panamera Turbo S in Germany. Which would make it almost 8000 EUR cheaper than the 997 Turbo S. Price also includes 19% VAT.

    So my guess is, that the new Panamera Turbo S is slightly under 160000 USD in the US.

    If you add the usual goodies, like special leather, etc. to the Panamera Turbo S, the final price tag could reach 180000 and more.


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche 997 Turbo, BMW X5 M, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S JCW



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